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Where To Find Melbourne’s Best Food Trucks

By Sophie Hodges
14th May 2019


All hail Melbourne’s mighty fleet of food trucks. How many of you buggers are there now anyway? Feels like every week we get something new and delicious hitting our streets. Gone are the days where a Mr Whippy Van or a truck selling dagwood dogs would do, these days some of Melbourne's biggest restaurants are boosting their foodie cred with a mobile snack station.

Whether it’s an ice cream sandwich, the perfect taco, or a juicy burger, these are the best food trucks in Melbourne.

  • Beatbox Kitchen: Raph Rashid’s venture has been going strong since he started wheeling and dealing in 2009. Pick up a Raph or a Shroom Burger at your next Meredith, Golden Plains or Boogie Festival and dance until dawn.
  • Billy van Creamy: Artisan gelato is something we can definitely get down with, especially when it is all-natural and handmade. '
  • Cornutopia: Tacos and sweet corn are the order of the day at Melbourne food truck Cornutopia, whether you’re after huevos rancheros for brekkie or tacos for lunch. They’re locally sourced, free-range and organic ingredients, and they provide plenty of options for the vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free among us.
  • Digging For Fire BBQ: This fire is out of control awesome, and that’s how we like it. While they serve some smoky meats, there are also plenty of vegetarian options available, and you can have your goods served in a roll or as a salad.
  • Grub Food Van: The 1965 airstream van parked in Fitzroy is where to go for local fare. So local in fact, that the menu features produce grown from their greenhouse on site. Open for breakfast lunch and dinner, anytime is a good time for some Grub. Staying put at Moor Street, this is Melbourne’s best food truck when you can’t be bothered doing any chasing.
  • Loaded Gourmet Hotdogs: Juicy Australian snags, topped with a variety of delish ingredients. Think tomato chutney, shredded lettuce and dried shallots, or hot chilli sauce, pickles and mayo. About as gourmet as a dirty dog can get.
  • Mr Burger: These Melbourne burger experts, who are often located on the edge of Edinburgh Gardens, have saved our skins more than once after a day lounging in the park or after a game of competitive lawn bowls down the road. If you’re after a smaller snack, go for their trucker chips, covered in bacon, cheese and special sauce.
  • My Two Mums: We would like to give the inventor of the ice cream sandwich a medal, and we’d like to give My Two Mums the biggest trophy we can find for their amazing creations. We’re particularly thankful for their ginger, rock salt caramel and choc chip sandwich.
  • Nem N' Nem: This Vietnamese hawker kitchen is a regular food truck at Welcome to Thornbury, so if you’re after some bao burgers, look no further. Their mini banh mi sliders are perfection, as are their Vietnamese nachos.
  • The Snag Society: Gourmet snags from all over the globe = our kind of sausage stall. While we’re all about the international flavours, we can’t seem to skip The Aussie, a beef snag topped with sweet beetroot relish, creamy goats cheese and pickles on a soft brioche bun.
  • Taco Truck: Another one of Mr Rashid’s fine creations and one of Melbourne’s best food trucks, Taco Truck is where it’s at for some quick and tasty Mexican. Choose from their soft shell tacos with a side of torts (tortilla chips) and add a healthy slather of hot sauce and you’ve got it made.
  • TOASTA: Who doesn’t love a toasted sandwich? You might be a purist cheese-only toastie fiend, or you might be after something a little more adventurous with brisket, cheddar, dill pickle and BBQ sauce. Whatever your poison, TOASTA has put it between two slices.

Image credit: Mr Burger

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