Melbourne’s Best Golden Gaytime Everything

By Tayla Rabie
27th Feb 2018


We're not the only ones to notice this, right? Melbourne's gone Golden Gaytime NUTS. Our cafés, bars and restaurants have taken the OG Golden Gaytime and turned it into...god know's what. Golden Gaytime-themed desserts and bevvies have been popping up all over the shop. And we've made it our mission to track down everything good and Golden Gaytime in the world's most liveable city.

Remember: there's no time like a Gaytime.


Photography: Annika Kafcaloudis | Stix

Golden Gaytime Cheesecake...On A Stick

Holy Mother of Cheesecake. Cheesecake lovers beware—Royal Stacks burger bars are now featuring Stix’s homemade Golden Gaytime Cheesecakes on a stick. They’re topped with crumbled biscuits, smothered in caramel sauce then pierced on a skewer. God save us all. 

Golden Gaytime Bao

You’re sure to have a golden time when your all-time favourite ice cream gets a Vietnamese twist at Hochi Mama. Melt in your mouth bao bun, a heaped scoop of Golden Gaytime ice cream, salted caramel drizzle and crushed pistachios for that extra crunch. You can also get a wicked Golden Gaytime Bao at Brother Hen in Moonee Ponds. 

Golden Gaytime Martinis

Ice cream and booze—a match made in foodie heaven. Whack on some caramel and Golden Gaytime crumbs and you've really got something. This delicious concoction is available Friday and Saturdays at Supersmall Club in South Yarra, but get in quick! Only available until March 31.


Photography: Bistro Morgan 

Golden Gaytime Doughnuts

Alerting all Instagrammers! The Golden Gaytime doughnut from Bistro Morgan features an Insta-worthy salted caramel syringe­­. Basically, guaranteed to rack in the followers. Tastes like a doughnut-shaped trip to your childhood, too. 

Golden Gaytime Waffle Tacos 

Peak Melbourne? What do you reckon? Yep, you can get Golden Gaytime Waffle Tacos at the new Duke of Grantham in Brunswick West. Sweet dessert taco shells, dipped in caramel in chock, stuffed with honeycomb bits and topped with a couple of Lotus Biscoff biscuits. Good lord...

Golden Gaytime Milkshakes

Even die-hard strawberry fans will go crazy for Golden Gaytime shakes. Come on! What’s not to love? Especially when you dip your fries in (no hate). Available from Trunk in the CBD. Chase it down with a serve of the chilli fries (just stay away from the Stupid Hot Sauce). 

Golden Gaytime Stout

An adult twist on a childhood fave. Invite over your mates and kick back with a Golden Stout Time from Big Shed Brewing. Thick and dark and sweet, with a head like lambs' fleece. This thing is off the chain. 


Photography: Annika Kafcaloudis | Bentwood 

Golden Gaytime Pannacotta

Blessed be Bentwood for bestowing upon us a Golden Gaytime pannacotta. This wobbling plate of caramel, choc and honeycomb is still one of the prettiest (and most delicious) things we ate in 2017. The rest of the table is gonna get serious food envy...And if you live way out east, you can also get Golden Gaytime pannacotta at Frank's in Cheltenham. 

Golden Gaytime Concrete Cocktails 

If you're a fan of American concrete...and Golden Gaytimes...and booze...and happiness, then head on down to Chiquito & Co. They're doing spiked concrete cocktails, and there's a Golden Gaytime one on the menu. Salty caramel fudge, Bacardi, a lug of butterscotch schnapps, Baileys, choc fudge, official Gaytime crumbs and Vanilla frozen custard. 

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Image credit: Annika Kafcaloudis

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