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The Best Happy Hours In Melbourne’s CBD

By Serena McSweeney
14th Aug 2019


Treating yourself with $25 cocktails that come with salt rims or fairy floss is all fun and games until you get hit with that dreaded bill at the end of the night. We’ve all been there and it hurts. Trying to live the Melbourne high life can be seriously hard, especially when you’re living on a tight budget.

Have no fear, we’ve found the best (and cheapest) cocktails going around Melbourne’s CBD, so you and your friends can drink away your problems while pretending you have your lives together. Sounds like a win-win to us. Here are the CBD’s best happy hours for Melbourne


530 Little Bourke St

This Vietnamese eatery may not be your usual watering hole, but Banoi is serving up all the (cheap) goods and that’s certainly enough for us. Located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, Banoi is your next convenient and cheap place for a cocktail night.


Monday - Friday

4-5pm: $4 bottled beer, cider, house wine

5-6pm: $5 bottled beer, cider, house wine

6-7pm: $6 bottled beer, cider, house wine

$6 house spirits (set price)

$6 snacks (set price)

Burger Boys

32 Church Lane

If you’re in the mood for a good feed and a beverage, then Burger Boys has your back. With great burgers and even better drink deals, this will be your new favourite abode.

Monday - Friday

4-7pm: $8 Furphy pints | $10 Aperol Spritz

The Moat

176 Little Lonsdale Street

Drinks at The State Library? No, we’re not kidding. The Moat, located in the basement under The State Library, is your perfect hideaway from the city rush and cold weather. You won’t even be lying when you tell your friends you’re heading to the library tonight.


Monday - Friday

4:30-6pm: $6 bottled beers | $8 house wines | $12 featured cocktails


5-6:30pm: $6 bottled beers | $8 house wines | $12 featured cocktails

New Guernica

Level 2, 318 Little Collins Street

Cheap drinks and a dancefloor, this is a perfect duo for a night out with your mates. New Guernica, named one of the best nightclubs in Melbourne, is serving all the goods up on Thursday and Friday nights.



All night: $7 basic spirits | $8 fireballs and cocalero | $3 pots | $6 pints of house beer | 2-for-1 spirts, house tap beer and house wines


4-8pm: 2-for-1 spirits, Keeper’s Lager pints & house wine | $15 beer jugs

European Bier Cafe

120 Exhibition Street

European Bier Cafe is providing the goods for your next happy hour. From all things beer to all things spirits, you’ll find a cheap deal here that won’t be leaving (too big of) a dent in your wallet.



All Day: $10 cocktails | $6 house spirits | 1/2 price tap beer

Tuesday – Thursday & Saturday

5-7pm: $7.50 basic spirits


5-9pm: $7.50 basic spirits

Burger Project

260 Collins St

Say goodbye to another working day at the Burger Project. An A-Grade burger bar that’s out of this world followed by a cheap drink or two sounds like the perfect night to us.


Monday – Friday

3pm-6pm: $5 beer, wine and cider

Red Spice QV

37 Artemis Lane

With great flavours and even greater deals, Red Spice QV is a definite place to check off your list. Your weekdays don’t have to look so grim with these deals to look forward to.


Monday - Friday

5pm-6:30pm: $6 selected bottled beer | $6 house wines | Specially priced cocktails


55 Elizabeth Street

Cheap drinks might be your biggest priority, but if comfort comes in at a close second then Fiftyfive’s underground hotspot has your name written all over it.



5pm-gone: $4 pots on all taps

Tuesday - Thursday

5pm-7pm: $8 Moon Dog pints | $8 Napoleone cider pints | $8 house wines

Friday - Saturday

7pm-10pm: $14 espresso martinis

Father’s Office

249 Little Lonsdale Street

A must-attend after-work hotspot, Father’s Office is all about their deals and we’re loving it. Grab a drink and have a boogie with your friends while you experience the Melbourne high life (at a reasonable price).

Monday – Saturday

5-7pm + 8:10pm: $12 selected cocktails | $5 wines | $6 bottled beer | $7 spirits and schooners | $15 jugs


From 11am: $12 selected cocktails | $5 wines | $6 bottled beer | $7 spirits and schooners | $15 jugs

El Coco

550 Little Collins Street

Providing games like table tennis, giant Jenga and stacks on stacks on board games, El Coco will make you feel like you’re an adult in a playground. You’ll never feel younger than when you’re here.


Monday – Friday

12pm-3pm: $14 Carlton jugs

4pm-7pm: $6 house wines| $7 basic spirits | $8 Carlton Draught and Great Northern pints | $8 cider pints  

Thursday & Friday

4pm-7pm: $15 espresso martinis

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Image credit: Annika Kafcaloudis 

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