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Melbourne’s Best Freelance Makeup Artists

By Gen Phelan
23rd Mar 2018


Lacquers, lippies, potions and powders are just a few of our favourite things. A little more bronzer here, a little more gloss there, aaand a bit more - holy sh*t, you just sneezed and mascara has gone EVERYWHERE. Not a-bloody-gain.

Sometimes, the social calendar calls for an outsource of makeup artistry to the pros. Whether you’re walking down the aisle or performing an inebriated strut into the infamous Year 12 Formal, the most glamorous days are made extra special (and a heck-tonne less stressful) with a bit of beauty wizardry. We’re lining up some of the crème de la crème of Melbourne-based freelance MUAs, so that you can bid farewell to the lash applications rife with hysteria. God, we are so good to you. 

Arielle Wray Beauty

Arielle’s your Girl Next Door MUA. With a boutique-esque setup on her lofty mezzanine, she invites clients with open arms (and all of the lipstick) to have a solid catch-up at every makeup application. You’ll forget about the face and start plotting Friday night dranks plans with your new friend. She’s made up the faces of many burgeoning Melb models and influencers, plus knows her way around an airbrush machine. Yes, airbrushing (!!) is a thing not reserved strictly to Oscar-goers.

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Jessica Black MUA

A recent addition to Melbourne’s MUA talent, Jessica has embraced our city and swathed it in a generous strobe of highlighter. Specialising in bridal, formal and special events makeup, she’s got you covered on just about any occasion. Her Insta is a tapestry of all things beauty and lifestyle. Oh, and she is the KWEEN of the smoky eye.

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Samantha Ruby MUA

Samantha is all about enhancing your natural bewdy, for whatever event may be on the agenda. There’s also hairstyling at your fingertips, bubbly-filled bridal party appointments (because that’s one of the best parts of knot-tying), spray tanning and EVEN makeup workshops for the studious folk. Please, kindly tell us all of your secrets.

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Gorgz Boutique

Georgia Glen fronts the luxe in-home studio in Glen Iris dubbed Gorgz Boutique. Think of this as a little beauty utopia to unwind before your next big outing. Not only does she know how to spectacularly paint a face, she’s also proficient in all things hair and won’t turn you into an Oompa Loompa with her perfected spray tans. The crazy part? She’s completely self-taught, but you just wouldn’t guess it. *Cue jealousy. It’s a one-stop shop, with seriously good banter and a totally relaxed approach.

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CJD Makeup Artistry

This Insta portfolio kinda speaks for itself with this one. It houses looks ranging from glowy bridals to incredibly zany, technicolour lids. Fluorescent blue inner corner highlights - why the heck not? Chelsea Darnell is the gal behind the glam. Scroll through her slick site and start plotting your next face.

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Katie Winkler Makeup

Katie’s home boutique studio boasts incredible lashes, an impressive collection of beauty loot to play with and even makeup lessons for you to learn a thing of two from the professional herself. With her trusty Senior Makeup Artist, Bridget, by her side, Katy works all across Melbourne, donning lippy with serious attention to detail.

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Isabella Makeup

Deep, chocolatey eye makeup is abound in Isabella Quinn’s repertoire of beauty looks. The base? Natural and sans cakiness. The brows? Feathery and defined. Keep your glitzed-up eyes peeled for the occasional competition pimping out her Insta. Isabella’s blog is a microcosm of her adoration for makeup, and showcases all of her work, plus features posts talking the foundations of skincare. Cuppa at the ready for a solid read.

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DMV Makeup Artistry

If you perch yourself in Dana Vaughn’s makeup throne, prepare for the royal treatment. Her artistry encompasses all things GLOW. We’re talking lashings of golden shimmer and looks oozing Victoria's Secret runways vibes. Yes please. She can even give your lashes a pick-me-up from Tuesdays through to Thursdays with a range of lifting and tinting available. Bronze us up, pronto.

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Tiffany Love MUA

She’s an airbrushing makeup specialist, and her beauty cupboard is one that we long to raid one day. Just phwoar. Consider your wildest makeup collection dreams and multiply them by about 100. Tiffany will glam you up for events, weddings and photo shoots, with hair styling and lessons to learn from also on the cards.

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Shelby Makeup Artistry

Shelby’s looks are high-glitz and all about BROWZ, baby. Based in Lilydale, she’s a qualified makeup artist, aaand (much to our delight) specialises in brow microblading and shading. Caterpillar arches, rack off. Turn us into Cara Delevingne.

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Brooke Sutherland Makeup

Brooke reigns from Cranbourne North and will turn you into a glowing goddess on Fridays and Saturdays only (aka the days that truly count). She’s all about brows and constantly flaunts the faces of her clients on all social platforms.

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Elise Bysouth Makeup

If you’ve ever wanted to be able to wear cranberry colours in your crease without looking like a pink-eye sufferer, Elise is the girl for you. She makes just about any outlandish hue looking simultaneously avant-garde and wearable. Her YouTube channel allows us beauty mavens an insight into her brilliance, and as a resident M.A.C makeup artist, Elise knows the ins and outs of the biz. Her own freelance service is one sure to up the ante on any look you've been pondering of late.

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Terrisa Makeup

Terrisa Tran has pampered her fair share of brides, with a strong focus on creating flawless canvasses and defined eyes. There’s even a YouTube channel in the works, where you can expect all of her beauty goss to culminate in the best kind of educational platform. Deploy your brushes.

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Have you heard the Gouda news? Mould Cheese Festival is coming back to Melbs. 

Image credit: Raphael Lovaski

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