The 7 Best Milkshakes in Melbourne

By Stefanie Reilly - 17 Jun 2014

Tuck Shop Take Away
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Massive Wieners
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Einstein’s Relative
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There's just something about a milkshake that takes you back to being a kid. Maybe it's the slurping noises you made to annoy your mum, or the excitement of that second stainless steel cup of leftovers (how good was that?). Maybe it was those colourful, swirly straws that poked up and out of the lid… Or maybe, just maybe, it was the fact that milk, ice cream and lashings of your fave syrup is one of the best pairings of all time!

Whatever it is, one thing's for certain: milkshakes aren't going anywhere fast. In fact they're getting better and better and now available in a whole new range of exciting and inventive flavours. So what are you waiting for? Get slurping on the seven best milkshakes in Melbourne!

Tuck Shop Take Away


Tuck Shop Take Away in Caulfield is small but mighty, specialising in a range of milkshakes that feature the milkbar-style lollies we used to eat as kids! Think fantales, redskins and minties. Yep, each of these babies now comes in delicious shake form. It's worth the drive just to get excited about the ever-changing milkshake menu. Choose from a junior cup for $4.00 or a senior cup for $7.00 and gulp back yummy flavours reminiscent of your after-school milk bar raid. Our pick: The redskin shake. This amazing invention is exactly how you would imagine a redskin to be if it was blended with milk. Satisfy your inner child and give it a go; it won't disappoint!

Soda Rock

South Yarra

Since opening its doors on Chapel Street in the early '90s, Soda Rock has become one of the city's most iconic diners and developed a rep for some of the best milkshakes in Melbourne. With a tonne of flavours like blue heaven, pineapple, cappuccino, banana and a stack of cookie shakes (yum!), Soda Rock means business. Each thick and creamy concoction boasts the perfect ice cream to milk ratio so you don't need to worry about losing your cheeks into the straw when you feverishly slurp it all up. Go forth and try the blue heaven and transport yourself to flavour heaven at the same time. The milkshake is better than our jokes, we promise.

Massive Wieners


All hail the classic American shake! (Lucky for the nearby TUL staff, one of Melbourne's best milkshakes can be found on good ol' Chapel!) Rich with decadent chocolate flavour and made extra tasty with the addition of malt, the Massive Wieners choc malt shake ticks all the boxes in just three indulgent gulps. Choose from three sizes: little, average or massive depending on how big your hankering for milk is and be prepared to be amazed. Wieners is committed to the cause too, catering to the late night masses until 4am on Friday and Saturday nights, so you can get your shake fix long after the sun goes down. 

Einstein's Relative

South Yarra

Drum roll please… the best gourmet milkshake in town has arrived in the form of the Dulce De Leche from Einstein's Relative in Yarra Street, South Yarra. Rich with South American caramel and subtle flavours of coconut, this sheer delight is based on the South American alfajores; a sandwich cookie filled with a creamy caramel confection made from milk and sugar. You'll be mesmerised by the flavours of this smooth, velvety blend that you won't be able to leave without finishing it. Every. Last. Drop.



This relatively new, yet already thriving diner, is located in the heart of Footscray and already has a massive cult following, with a rep for blending some of the best milkshakes in Melbourne town. Visit for the super popular salted caramel shake and you'll leave a very happy lady or gent. The salted caramel blend is mixed up in-house as part of the team's commitment to delivering the best in everything they do. Take a sip and you'll be greeted with even levels of caramel complemented with the slightest touch of salt. 8Bit also has an ever-changing daily chocolate bar milkshake, which can be anything from a cherry ripe shake on Monday to an aero mint milkshake on Tuesday. It's whatever takes their fancy really…and we're not complaining.


St Kilda

No list of Melbourne's best milkshakes would be complete without this St Kilda fave. The main players at Rococo are more like progressive milkshake artists than just whizzers on the old milkshake maker. Any milkshake flavour you see on the menu can be fused with another to create your perfect shake. From chocolate and banana to white chocolate mixed with hazelnut, you have licence to pretty much do as you please. One thing we do ask is that you try the gingerbread shake. The flavour is present enough for you to remember why you love gingerbread, but not overpowering enough to question why you're eating gingerbread in the middle of June. Add extra ice cream to transform your humble milkshake into a super indulgent thick shake and sip and sip until your heart is content.

Truman Cafe

Albert Park

One of the best inventions has to be the coffee milkshake and you'll find one of the most satisfying recipes at Truman Cafe in the lovely little suburb of Albert Park. Thick, creamy and generous in size, this milkshake has all the makings of a Sunday morning brunch or a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. Up the anti with Truman's selection of special shakes, such as the devilish chocolate brownie or the rhubarb and vanilla crumble thick shake. Yes, I said rhubarb and vanilla crumble thickshake. Add some malt for extra dimension AND make a note in your diary as these bad boys are adding peppermint crisp to their already-glowing selection of shakes in a couple of weeks. I know, right?

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