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Support Local Artists And Buy These Photographic Prints To Brighten Up Your Walls

By Urban List Writers
31st Aug 2020

A photograph from Farmington, New Mexico of two signs.

If you're tired of staring at your walls during lockdown and feel like they could use a spruce up, this could just be the article for you.

There's nothing quite like spending months on end in your home to realise all the things that are actually annoying you about it, and blank walls are sure to be high on the list.

An array of Melbourne photographers are selling prints which would be perfect for you to fill that space, all while supporting locals.

Here are five Melburnian photographers that are selling photographic prints that you may not have heard of.

Ben Tyers

Extremely self-indulgent, sure. But our Melbourne editor also moonlights as a photographer and has a range of prints available on his website.

Choose from prints that are shot locally in Melbourne, the NSW Northern Rivers region, or from places like the U.S.A and Hong Kong.

Buy prints from Ben Tyers here.

Hilary Walker

If you haven't caught Hilary Walker's 'Motherhood In Isolation' series, it is a must. Capturing people from a distance in their homes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hilary's print shop features shots from Melbourne, U.S.A, New Zealand and more.

Buy prints from Hilary Walker here.

Nathan Kaso

Melbourne photographer and filmmaker Nathan Kaso has recently returned from California where he took some amazing pictures on his Hasselblad 500cm.

Choose from a range of prints from under the Californian sun.

Buy prints from Nathan Kaso here.

Kate Ballis

Known for her beautifully bright series, Infra Realism, Kate Ballis also sells amazing prints from her travels.

Choose from a range of prints shot in the U.S.A, Iceland, and more.

Buy prints from Kate Ballis here.

Charlie Kinross

Charlie Kinross is a photographer based in Melbourne who you'll often find out photographing the amazing regional areas of Victoria.

Choose from a range of his prints from around Victoria, and from the U.S.A.

Buy prints from Charlie Kinross here.

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Image credit: Ben Tyers

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