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The Best Showbags at the Royal Melbourne Show

By Megan Osborne
13th Sep 2014

Urban Listers, get excited; it's time for the Royal Melbourne Show to return! There is an ingrained excitement associated with this annual event that all Melbournians are privy to (whether they like it or not). You may feel that attending the show with friends speaks of times gone by for most of you, but we here at the Urban List say, 'nonsense'! Embrace your inner child and say goodbye to social conventions that dictate you have to be a kid or have kids to attend the show. Sneak in to pat some animals, ride on a roller coaster (before eating please), or kick back and have a frothy (See? Kid requirement totally unnecessary!). We know that seeing the championship cat show is top of your list, also.

Still not convinced? What's the best bit about the show? Duh. The showbags! And they're not just for kids, either. We've done the research for you (you're welcome), and found a list of the best showbags to buy this year at the Royal Melbourne Show!


Whether you've saved up $2 or $200, there is plenty of choice for all those with a sweet tooth. From the obligatory cheap-as-chips Bertie Beetle ($2), to the tasty Nestle Aero ($10), all the way to the decadent Darrell Lea Pig Out bag ($18), there will be delicious munchies for everyone.


If fine food and gourmet is more your thing, or you just love anything to do with food (we understand), there are some more 'adult' tasty treats to quench those cravings. Our friends at Grand Ridge offer a range of bags from Bargain ($30) to Executive ($249), featuring their award-winning beers and a plethora of great-value goodies! Your foodie cravings won't go unanswered with the Royal Melbourne Fine Food Deli Bag ($30), including three different types of cheese! Dairy haters need not attend… Just kidding! There's plenty for you, too! Check out the Honey Bag ($20), or the Taste.com.au bag ($10) for a range of foodie fancies.


But enough about food (bet you never thought we'd say that!). Ladies, we've put together a list of the best bags for you. For all you fitness nuts, the Women's Health showbag is a bargain ($25) with gym towel, magazines, beauty products, vouchers, and samples galore! The Cleo ($20) and Elle ($25) bags won't disappoint the fashion conscious, and are also filled with plenty to pamper yourself with. Summer's on its way, and it's time to start the prep! Modelco's Self Tan showbag ($25) is packed full of all your bronzed goddess needs.
Image credit: Royal Melbourne Show Facebook.


Of course we know that the NRL ($25) and Super Team Footy ($25) showbags are fan favourites, and this year they don't disappoint with logo labeling. For something a bit different, check out the Surfers Showbag ($18), with magazines, DVDs, and t-shirts (no life-size surfboard, sorry). For the less athletic, there's some fun-filled showbags based around your favourite games, such as the Monopoly bag ($22), and the Pac-man bag ($25), which we want just for the Pac-man themed beach towel! Grab some super-cute Minion socks (yes you heard right; Minion SOCKS!) with the Despicable Me showbag ($25) or just go in for the big kahuna with the traditional—Greatest Showbag on Earth ($22). Because seriously, who wouldn't want a battery operated dart rifle, or a rubber horse mask for that matter?


The Royal Melbourne Show really pulled out all the stops this year, making sure there really is a showbag for everyone. For all you arty types, grab the Make it Yourself—Art, Craft & Cookery showbag ($20), with kits, vouchers, and cookbooks aplenty! For those of you with kids (not a requirement, remember!), they can get their own version, too, with the Made By Me showbag ($10) featuring cute do-it-yourself kits and packs.

So, we think we've got you covered. Now it's up to you to buy the best-of-the-best showbags, pet some animals, watch some parading cats, taste some foodie delights, make yourself nauseous on some rides, and spend the day living it up like the big kid that we know is dying to come out and play.

The Royal Melbourne Show | 20th September – 1st October 


Main image credit: Royal Melbourne Show Facebook.

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