7 of Melbourne’s Best Sticky Date Puddings

By Stefanie Reilly - 26 Aug 2015

Yo-Chi | Balaclava

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Shortstop Coffee & Donuts

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Estelle by Scott Pickett (ESP)

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The Royston Hotel

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The Station Hotel

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There aren’t too many desserts that have a strong unified following like the sticky date pudding has. Just mention this bad boy and people’s eyes glaze over as they recall fond memories of sweet butterscotch sauce, lashings of ice cream and heavy spoonfuls of yummy rich pudding. While it’s not considered the most contemporary of desserts, it’s a go-to for many nostalgic Melbournians and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! We took the liberty of rounding up 7 of the best sticky date puddings in Melbourne—all offering something a little different. Check ‘em out and get sampling!

Ciccolina Restaurant & Bar

St Kilda
No stranger to the menu, the sticky date pudding at Ciccolina Restaurant has been around for over 21 years, and still remains one of the most popular desserts—it’s so popular, in fact, it even has a cult following! Laced with gallons of super creamy butterscotch sauce, and beautifully light in colour, this moreish dessert is piled with almonds and served with a generous scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. It’s the perfect choice for those after a creamier taste, rather than something super sweet. The pudding itself is served at the perfect temperature making it even easier for you to dive right in after your bowl of pasta!



Yo-Chi love to mix thing up so for their winter menu, they’ve added the very indulgent, very tasty sticky date pudding as a topping. Genius hey? Made from local and imported ingredients including plump Iranian dates, this amazing yoghurt topper is mixed up in the Yo-Chic kitchen to make sure it’s crunchy and chewy on top and beautifully soft in the centre. The butterscotch sauce here is the real winner, enhanced with Maldon sea salt to draw out the caramel notes. Hint: Add it to your salted butterscotch or tart vanilla frozen yoghurt. You’re welcome.


For something a little different but equally as delicious, make sure you get your mitts on the Shortstop sticky date and gingerbread doughnut. Merging the best of two flavours, you’ll discover a drool-worthy gingerbread cake doughnut base, topped with a decadent sticky date glaze and finished with a spiced crumble! Wash it down with a cup of coffee and you’ve got yourself a fantastic afternoon treat.



At Estelle, they’re all about the crunch. Well, when it comes to their sticky date pudding anyway. Estelle’s version offers a textural difference with the addition of the cookie crunch. Not only does it add a fantastic element to the pudding but it also works to prevent the ice cream melting straight away. Pretty neat, hey? It’s all part of their Sunday Roast special. Get involved for just $50pp and you’ll enjoy a mouth-watering lunch, finished off with an indulgent sticky date pudding, alongside spiced rum ice cream and a pool of thick butterscotch sauce.

Royston Hotel

“It’s a spaceship, no wait, it’s a satellite. Nope, it’s a sticky date pudding.” The Royston Hotel in Richmond hasn’t pulled any punches when it comes to their version of the humble sticky date pudding. Sitting pretty on a scoop of ice cream on top of the pudding itself, is a massive toffee wafer that’s got all the elements food envy is made of. With a tonne of sweet rich sauce, this little guy is not for the faint-hearted. In short: proceed with caution.

Station Hotel

Known for their amazing cooked-to-perfection steaks, The Station Hotel proves they can get a few other things right too, like for instance, their sticky date pudding! Definitely for the sweet lovers, this baby is full of sugary goodness with the toffee elements really shining through. It’s also made even more special with the added element of walnuts. Scoop some creamy vanilla ice cream onto your spoon to balance out the flavours and you’re guaranteed to be rolling home content!

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Image credit: Art of Baking via Pinterest

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