Where to Find the Best Sushi in Melbourne

By Sophie Colvin
11th Aug 2015

The king of all the quick lunches, the perfect ‘cool’ tinder date dinner option and the divider of friendships. Yes folks, we’re talking about sushi. And more specifically, Melbourne’s best sushi restaurants.

Personally I don’t hang back, I like my sushi with soy AND wasabi, and if there’s a brown rice option, I automatically get that and then pat myself on the back for being so goddamn healthy. Here are our picks for the best sushi in Melbourne.



Certainly not the grab-and-go style sushi that so many of as may be used to, Minamishima serves up the height of sushi perfection in Melbourne. It’s a sit-down only affair and while the price may seem jarring, ($150 for a set menu) those in the sushi know will insist ever cent is worth it.

Makin’ rolls in Richmond, Minamishima is the brain child of the Koichi Minamishima and Randolph Cheung. Between them they have worked at Flower Drum, The Atlantic, and Kenzan. Prepare to be awestruck by the quality of the produce, and the surgery style food preparation that’s on show at this epic Melbourne sushi restaurant.

Mr. Miyagi


One of the true Chapel Street success stories of the past six months, Mr. Miyagi serves up a huge repertoire of Japanese deliciousness, not least of which is the sushi offering. The sushi sandwich changes regularly, so you’ll need to ask after the filling of the day and the Happy Handroll—a sushi of sorts—also changes daily.


Melbourne CBD

One of my personal favourites, not only for sushi, but also for lunches in Melbourne, are the inside-out sushi rolls at Kenzan. They come with a variety of fillings, but the soft shell crab is particularly spectacular. These bad boys come rolled in either sesame seeds or caviar, both offer an intriguing ‘something extra’ to the sushi experience. 


Melbourne CBD

It’s not the easiest place to find, but YU.U well worth the hunt. An exceptional Melbourne Japanese restaurant, tucked below ground off Flinders Lane, YU.U is sleek, understated perfection. We recommend that you sit at the bar to be served a selection of delicate sushi dishes, including regularly changing specials.

Shira Nui

Glen Waverley

A gift to Glen Waverley, Shira Nui is one of Mebourne’s must-visit Japanese restaurants. Owner-chef Hiro Nishikura presents a theatrical show to diners at the bar that includes blow torches (fun). You’ll also receive educational direction as to how best enjoy your sushi—soy verses sans soy. It’s a largely seafood affair, but it’s as fresh as you’ll find and the lunch menu is full of perfectly paired salad, miso, and sushi options.

En Izakaya


Sit at the bar at En Izakaya and you’ll quickly see why this one is high on our list of Melbourne’s best sushi. You’ll catch glimpse of the true art form that is traditional sushi making, a mesmerizing experience and even more enjoyable when you get to devour the results. Situated on Carlisle St, En Izakaya is a firm Balaclava favourite. The traditional sushi menu is split up by origin: paddock, ocean and garden.

Sushi Monger

Melbourne CBD

It’d be remiss of us to not include Sushi Monger on this list of Melbourne’s best sushi. This CBD venue may be pint sized, but it still packs a punch when it comes to satisfying the lunch time crowd. Don’t be put off by the long queues, the service is quick and the sushi is excellent.


Melbourne CBD

Sake offers a range of contemporary Japanese cuisine, including some truly delicious sushi. The Kingfish Double Crunch, filled with kingfish, jalapeño mayo, coriander, cucumber masago and tempura crunch (inside and out) and served with sweet soy, is our pick of the bunch, but they’re all pretty noteworthy. Situated right near Hammer Hall, Sake is one of our favourites for a romantic dinner before a show.


Albert Park

Misuzu and is an Albert stalwart, serving up high quality sushi in its traditional form. Offering dine-in or takeaway options, it’s refreshing to be able to enjoy a quality sushi from a dinner menu, in the comfort of your own home. The mixed boxes of sushi and sashimi from this Melbourne Japanese fave really hit the spot.

Want more of the best Japanese restaurants in Melbourne? Search ‘Japanese’ in our Directory! 

Image credit: Karryon

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