The 10 Best Home Delivery Restaurants In Melbourne (And They’re Not What You Think!)

By Clare Acheson
11th Nov 2015

Be honest: how many times have you got excited by the promise of a delicious take away, only to be let down by a soggy pizza, a greasy Chinese, or a dry burger and cold fries? It’s time to fight back! Dammit, Melbourne, with so many knock-your-socks off restaurants in our fair city, it’s simply unacceptable to sit on your couch in your PJs, watching trashy TV and not enjoy some quality food. 

Enter Suppertime. The Melbourne delivery service that is saying ‘hell no’ to soggy garlic bread and ‘hell yes’ to crunchy fried chicken, delicious banh mi, and more. Hell, they’ll sort you out an entire rotisserie chicken if that’s what you want. 

Since launching a few months ago, Suppertime has added heaps of the best restaurants in Melbourne to its arsenal. To put it frankly, Suppertime is changing the face of home delivery in Melbourne, so obviously, we’re excited.

Here are our picks of the ten best on offer.

+39 Pizzeria

Melbourne CBD

Authentic Italian cuisine doesn’t come much better than mouth-watering pizzas from +39 Pizzeria. Not only does this restaurant offer flavours that are on point, the produce is fresh and each dish is hand-crafted by their team of chefs, fresh for delivery. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

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One of our top new restaurants of 2015, Botherambo in Richmond is the go-to for home delivery in Melbourne if you’re a fan of the zesty, spicy and all-out delicious flavours of South-East Asian cuisine. With a head chef who trained at Elwood’s Dandelion as well as in various Thai and Bali cooking schools, the food here is packed full of authentic flavours and ingredients (think betel leaf parcels, pork banh mi, hot and spicy soups).

If you’re in need of something filling, their Thai curries are incredible, or if you feel like a lighter bite, any and all of the papaya and noodle salads are delicious. Our go-to for summer evening deliveries.

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Naked Chicks


Keeping it clean and lean? Prahran restaurant Naked Chicks is one of the best eateries for healthy home delivery in Melbourne. Allowing you to choose lightly dressed chicken, veggies, pulses and healthy carbs to put together a tasty meal, we can’t get enough of Naked Chicks’ naturally lean cooking. Winning.

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Green Press

Melbourne CBD

Health kicks don’t come much better than Green Press juices, salads, nut milks and smoothies. The clean-eating company delivers tasty, clean drinks to Melbourne’s finest, and has a sense if humour that’s second to none (anyone who calls a green juice ‘Kaling In The Name Of’ is a winner in our books). Whether you’re in need of a one-time super-food health hit, your nutritious juices for the week, or simply fancy a lunch that’ll leave you feeling fantastic, Suppertime will deliver you Green Press at the click of a button.

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Wabi Sabi Salon


Wabi Sabi Salon’s authentic Japanese cuisine recently topped another one of our lists, indicating just how good the sashimi salad here is. Serving gyoza, sashimi salads, curries, organic fruit juices, and a fantastic sharing platter that’s got edamame, tempura, gyoza and other seasonal picks, it’s one of our favourites for Japanese home delivery in Melbourne. Can’t choose? Go for one of the handy bento boxes for a delicious selection of just about everything.

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Third Wave


The day that you can get some of the best American BBQ in Melbourne delivered to your desk is truly a glorious day. Thanks to Third Wave Café, home of some of the juiciest, most tender smoked meats in Melbourne, TODAY is that day, Listers. Third Wave specialise in only the best slow-cooked beef brisket, whole lamb shoulders, ribs and a variety of Southern BBQ sides to go with your meats, making for a feast that’s closer to a food challenge than a regular meal. Definitely one to order from for your next lads’ night in or group dinner—just remember to pretend you slow-cooked everything from scratch.

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Red Spice | QV

Melbourne CBD

Red Spice’s expertise with South-East Asian flavours is second to none, meaning that, if you order home delivery in Melbourne from these gurus, you definitely won’t be disappointed. The goat massaman curry is rich, tender and goes hard on the peanuts for crunch, and the duck, pineapple and bamboo curry really hits that sweet-spicy-tangy mark. If you’re in need of pork belly (um, when are you ever not?!), the chilli caramel-topped dish here will satisfy any craving, guaranteed.

As well as serving incredible Asian dishes, Red Spice | QV is also a great Halal pick for home delivery in Melbourne—all of its meat dishes are Halal. For more tasty Halal-friendly restaurants, check out 12 Awesome Restaurants to Eat Halal in Melbourne.

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Hold the phone because top Korean restaurant, Kong, now serves home delivery in Melbourne. With Suppertime, you can order any and all of Kong’s top dishes, delivered right to your doorstep, including their BBQ corn, wood roasted salmon, beef and kimchi short rib and everyone’s favourite, Kong’s sticky Korean fried chicken, which is so good I’d happily give up my first born for a portion right now. Get that Korean fried chicken on one-click ordering, pronto.

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Nieuw Amsterdam

Melbourne CBD

New York style Cuban pork sandwiches, drool-worthy cheese burgers and one of the best Reuben sandwiches in Melbourne just about sum up why you should be ordering your next office lunch from Niuew Amsterdam. Thanks to the Suppertime guys, this is the perfect Melbourne home delivery service for a #FattyFriday feed.

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Greek food is our go-to for a comfort-eating fest, and there’s nothing that beats a night in with all the hummus, tzatziki and souva you can handle! Salona serves juicy meats and seafood dishes, as well as the Greek dipping platters we all know and love. In fact, we might just order a serving right now…

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Image Credit: Giulia Morlando

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