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Where To Find Melbourne’s Best Vegetarian Supermarkets

By Ioana Dragnef
21st Jan 2019


If you’ve ever found yourself toying with the idea of eating less meat but don’t know where to start, a good vegetarian supermarket can make all the difference. From healthy soy-based options, almost-as-good-as-the-real-thing “fake” meat, vitamin-packed legumes or just organic products that will leave you feeling sprightly and refreshed, these supermarkets have it all.

So whether you’re a meat eater who has decided to eat less meat, or you’re a vegetarian who has resolved to cook more this year, here are some of Melbourne’s best vegetarian markets that’ll help you stick to your resolutions.

The Cruelty Free Shop


A one-stop shop for the city-dwelling vegan, The Cruelty Free Shop is stocked with food, beauty and home products that cause no harm to our furry and feathered friends. Find baking mixes, dairy substitutes, faux meat products and all manner of gluten-free items as well as cosmetics, books and magazines.

Friends Of The Earth Melbourne Food Co-op


The Food Co-op is a social enterprise of Friends of the Earth Melbourne (FoE) and it has all the ethical and sustainable food you’ve been looking for, from bulk whole food to an impressive selection of local, organic and gluten-free vegetarian or vegan products. Plus if you’re in a rush and looking for something on-the-go, their cafe serves food and treats that are both healthy and tasty.



If you’re vegan/vegetarian who lives in Brunswick, chances are you’ve already drooled all over the offerings at the SUPA IGA. With a ton of special treats and ingredients to choose from, SUPA has got you covered in the sauce, spice, deli, bread, and veggie options department. Just don’t forget your reusable bags.

Laguna Oriental Supermarket


If you’re desperately searching for decent but not exorbitantly expensive vegetarian options in the CBD, Laguna in QV is a good pick. Stocking plenty of the typical yummy South-East Asian market options, including a fair amount of tofu, it’s definitely worth a look.

Vincent Vegetarian Food Mart


There are so many options at Vincent Vegetarian Food that it might just blow your mind. Operating since 1996, the market definitely knows its way around oriental vegetarian and vegan food. From frozen stuff to dry stuff to fake meat stuff, Vincent’s not messing around when it comes to healthy eating.

Global Green Vegetarian Food Mart


Ever wondered where you can get the tangy, salty taste of fish sauce but without the fish bit? At the Global Green Vegetarian Food Mart, that’s where. From vegan fish sauce to vegetarian pan-fried dumplings, there is absolutely everything you could ever want to fulfil your veggie-loving needs. Ever.

Terra Madre


If you’re from Melbourne, then you’ll already be familiar with Terra Madre’s organic goodness—it’s been consistently been providing healthy food alternatives since the 1980s. From the large range of bulk foods, vegan dairy alternatives and much much more, we’d be crazy if we didn’t plop Terra Madre on this list.

Lee’s Vegetarian Grocer

Prahran Market

Next time you’re at the Prahran Market, make sure to stop by Lee’s for some deliciously fresh and spicy fare. From fresh or packaged vegetarian Asian ingredients to top-quality spices, Lee’s is a vegetarian/vegan haven. You’ll also want to get your hands on their homemade frozen dumplings—they’re worth the trip.


South Melbourne

If you think all the good vegan and vegetarian markets are in the north, you’d be very wrong—Passionfoods is a great example of a southside vegan/vegetarian haven. Drop by for an impressive range of vegan products including soft cheeses, ice cream, spreads, tofu and tempeh, plant milk, and pantry products. What more could you want?

Vegan Perfection


If you want your eyes to pop out of your head at the sheer volume of meat-free choices, then visit Vegan Perfection in Campbellfield. From vegan chocolates to delicious meat replacements (vegan jerky, anyone?), it’s impossible to go hungry, my fellow vegetarian/vegan friends.

Don’t Panic It’s Organic

Mount Eliza

If you’re about to panic, don’t—Mount Eliza staple Don’t Panic It’s Organic has got you covered. Don’t Panic It’s Organic has been feeding Mouth Eliza vegetarians, vegans, and health nuts for 15 years, so they know what they’re doing. From fresh produce to all sorts of organic goodies, you’ll be well taken care of.

Image credit: Unsplash

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