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15 Carb Heavy Dishes You Need To Eat In Melbourne If Your Diet Is Cooked

By Ben Tyers
29th Jan 2019


Melbourne has decided to properly drop the hammer on winter with high winds, rain flying in sideways, and a lot of squall, tons of squall.

It’s definitely puffer jacket weather, but sometimes that cold just cuts right to the bone, so you’re going to need to work on that natural winter coat—a good old layer of comfort food.

Luckily for you, you live in one of the world’s best foodie cities, with a ton of restaurants going deep on the carbs to keep you warm, so let’s have a look at what’s worth digging into this winter.

  1. The 16-Hour Braised Beef Cheek | Served with rendang sauce, brown rice, and lemongrass from newcomer Lenny.
  2. The Butter Chicken Lasagne | The secret recipe features 3 kinds of cheese, spiced butter chicken, basil, and mushrooms from Fork & Fingers.
  3. The Sugared Doughnuts | Take in the Port Phillip Bay views while you tuck into these beauties from Pontoon. Served with sweet rhubarb jam and butterscotch sauce, they are the perfect winter snack.
  4. The Crackles Classic | Sydney-siders were well aware of Mr. Crackles, and when they finally opened in Melbourne we blew a gasket. The Crackles Classic is a house-baked baguette, topped with slow-roasted pork belly, and Vietnamese salad.
  5. The Smoked Brisket Burger | The masters of Limp Brisket put this beauty together at The Hack in Port Melbourne. A soft bun, smoked brisket, McClure’s pickles, mustard, and BBQ sauce. All you need.
  6. The Lobster Mac ‘n Cheese | Does it get any better than this? Tommy Ruff are serving this bad boy at all three of their restaurants. You get lobster, mac ‘n cheese, crinkle cut chips, and cornbread.
  7. The Empanadas | If you haven’t been to San Telmo, now’s the time. Their signature empanadas are filled with creamy béchamel, silverbeet, and mushroom or beef, olive, and egg.
  8. The Gnocchi | The aptly named Fatto is perfect for this list. Their Rabbit Gnocchi features Gippsland farmed rabbits braised with caramelised shallots, roasted chicken stock and marsala, and mixed with house-made parmesan gnocchi, roquette pesto, and walnuts.
  9. The Schnitzel | They call it the ‘Belieber Schnitz’ and it’s topped with sweet potato mash, poutine, fried onion, and bacon crumble. Get it from the newly opened Foxxy Dolphin.
  10. The Shepherd’s Pie | Goodbye Dutchess, hello The Duke Rooftop Bar. If the thought of a whole Shepherd’s Pie is a bit much, have a go at their Shepherd’s Pie Nibblers served with HP ketchup.
  11. The Ramen | What gets you warmer than a big ol’ bowl of ramen? Absolutely nothing. Tokyo Tina’s Smoked Brisket Ramen is served with bok choy and the traditional ramen egg. Go a Sake Flight as well just to make it a proper winter warmer.
  12. The Triple-Stacked Burger | Are you the kind of person who frowns upon a single-layered burger? Then the Triple-Stack Slacker Burger from Rocomamas is absolutely up your alley.
  13. The Spaghetti | It doesn’t get any better than this. Bar Carolina’s Spaghetto Al-Aragosta is tossed with crayfish, garlic, chilli, and fresh tomato.
  14. The Sausage Roll | Stokehouse has a different take on the good old-fashioned snag roll with the Black Sanga Roll. House-made black pudding rolled into logs, encased in thin pastry, brushed with Dijon, and served with red cabbage ketchup.
  15. The Meat Pie | There’s nothing more Aussie than a meat pie, that is, unless you fill it spaghetti bolognese. Which is exactly what you’ll find with The Bruce from The Pie Shop in Brunswick East.

If you're looking for a more refined feast, check out the best restaurants in the CBD.

Image credit: Griffin Simm

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