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Get A Hit Of Nostalgia With This Victorian Brewery’s Classic Cordial Flavoured Vodka

By Ben Tyers
17th Jun 2020

A row of flavoured drinks

Most of us would remember the classic cordial and soft drink flavours of our childhood. And while it's not often you buy them these days, it's nice to see one catch your eye in the fridge of a milk bar.

We're talking creamy soda, Portello, raspberry, and sarsparilla among others.

Billson's Brewery of Beechworth in northern Victoria has a history of producing these flavours. The brewery site itself was taken over by the current owners in 2017 who are keeping the tradition of the 150-year-old brewery by producing cordials, beer, and spirits on-site.

The team has taken their hand-crafted vodka and mixed it with these nostalgic flavours. And best of all, it comes in can form.

Billson's premixed vodka cans come in Portello, creamy soda, raspberry, kaffir lime, sarsparilla, blood orange, and lemon, lime & bitters flavours. All are mixed with the brewery's triple distilled vodka which uses pure alpine spring water from the on-site well which dates back to the Victorian gold rush.

Billson's will deliver boxes of excellent drinks straight to your door. Get your hands on them here.

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Image credit: Billson's Brewery

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