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Bromley & Co Opens on Chapel Street

By Stephen A Russell
20th Aug 2014

A striking hybrid of art gallery, fashion house and homewares temple, Chapel Street Windsor's Bromley & Co is the perfect fusion of the passions of renowned artist David Bromley and his equally talented wife, former lawyer turned fashion designer, Yuge.

Freshly returned after two years in Byron Bay, the pair missed their spiritual home of Windsor way too much and wanted to find a local outlet that would allow them not only to explore their combined passions, but also showcase the work of their many talented mates. 

"David's mind is boundless," Yuge says. "He's always onto the next project. We realised we were accumulating a lot of stuff that people really loved and we've got some phenomenally talented friends, be it artists, designers or eco-warriors like Joost Bakker. We really wanted somewhere to combine all these collaborations."

Assembling a powerhouse retail team for Bromley & Co, with a second outlet to follow shortly in Daylesford, they've taken over the vast warehouse space that used to house Metro Furniture. It's an amazing space crammed full of intriguing artefacts, like skull-shaped beeswax candles from Queen Bee, a ceramic range from Bakker and artworks from a plethora of Australian contemporary artists including David, as well as Yuge's own clothing range. 

"David and I got married a year ago and I became a Bromley," Yuge says. "Bromley & Co includes not only our family but also a team we really love, who are basically our best friends and we really love that the name can bring us all together."

Even the bare bones of Bromley & Co are swish, with dark wood floors and towering white walls climbing up to neon strip lights emitting a soft glow, with the Bromleys' own copper-framed lighting range hanging above a staircase that leads up to their equally impressive studio space above. Even the staircase is arty, with their plumber having clad the rails in copper piping. 

Yuge and David have a real connection with each artist on show at Bromley & Co, including abstract painter George Raftopolous, prints and eventually textiles bearing Adelaide artist Stewart McFarlane's graphic art and Datsun Tran. There are also sculptural pieces from David Bowen and buddies Bertie and Felix, both scions of the great Charles Blackman who are reinterpreting his works in new mediums.

"David will easily say that Charles is one of his artistic icons who really inspired his painting career," Yuge says. "It's fantastic to have that connection and Bertie is one of our best friends, so it's lovely working with her." 

Yuge and David's passion for life shines in every inch of Bromley & Co. "It's a bit of a cliché, that you put what you love in your store, but that's exactly how we feel," she says. "Our home isn't just filled with paintings, we have our clothing, homewares, a bit of everything, and that's what we wanted to portray here."

David agrees. "Bromley & Co is a very personal expression, an extension of the things we love. There's no reason to separate a pair of shoes from an antique or a piece of contemporary from classical art. We almost feel like the things we should sell are those we don't really want to part with." 

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Image Credit: Tash Sorensen for The Urban List

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