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This Melbourne Artist Has Created An Ode To The Old School Milk Bar

By Ben Tyers
3rd Dec 2017


The milk bar has always been part of the Australian fabric of life. A meeting place, a place to stock up on 5c lollies, or somewhere to pick up a Blue Heaven milkshake in the depths of summer.

Callum Preston experienced all of this, and it stuck with him. Growing up in the 1990s, Preston remembers his local milk bar as a place of wonder, stickered with faded posts of Diet Coke-loving windsurfers, and Chiko roll girls draped on motorbikes, along with, of course, the scent of musk sticks, jelly snakes, and meat pies.

Preston—a Melbourne-based sculptor, artist, and illustrator—has taken all of these childhood memories and spun them into his latest project, ‘Callum Preston’s MILK BAR’, which sees him recreating an operational, life-size milk bar completely housed inside Collingwood’s RVCA Corner Gallery.

A post shared by Callum Preston (@callumpreston) on

A post shared by Callum Preston (@callumpreston) on

Preston’s milk bar will be teeming with all of the items you know and love from the local milk bar, magazines, chocolate bars, soft drinks, but all with a twist—each item is carved and illustrated by hand.

The exhibition is presented as a 360-art show. Every item on show is for sale, of which there will be more than 500 individual items.

Callum Preston’s MILK BAR is open now, find out more here.

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