Cards That Should Be In A Melbourne Edition Of Cards Against Humanity

By Clare Acheson
16th Dec 2015

melbourne cards against humanity

Listers, imagine a world. Imagine a world in which Melbourne was recognised for both its greatness and its horrors. A world in which Vue de Monde and Frankston are uttered in the same sentence. A world in which Mister G and Gina Rinehart are friends. Listers, imagine a world in which MELBOURNE HAS ITS OWN SET OF CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY.

This year, Melbourne may have seen its own Monopoly board, but at The Urban List HQ, we’re more excited about the prospect of everyone’s favourite bad taste card game (that managed to sell over $70,000 of nothing at last month’s Black Friday sales) coming to the three thousands. So we imagined a world in which it did, and here are the cards we came up with. He who laughs last, laughs best, folks…

Abbott and Wolverine? Who woulda thunk it?!

Please, God, let someone invent a magic souva that comes with added pugs.

...None of the above?

ERHMAHGAAAAD pleeeeease let it be #2!

Uh, doesn't everything lead to all of the pizza?!

Geelong, you'd better be ready.

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