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Makeup Artist Cassandra Lusi Shares Her Tips For Spring Skincare

By Sophie Hodges
2nd Oct 2018


Cassandra Lusi has been a full-time makeup artist for almost 3 years, and let me tell you, the girl can paint a face.

What started as a creative outlet, while working as a full-time accountant, soon turned into more than a hobby. Sure everyone needs an accountant, but we need makeup artists like Cass more. 

Cass is a real breath of fresh air in an industry which can often be daunting and intimidating. With amazing support behind her, she got her first big break on a swimwear campaign for a friend’s label. “I had a regular client always on my case about taking my hobby [makeup] to a career, she actually gave me my first campaign opportunity for her swimwear label,” says Cass who credits the campaign for cementing her name in the industry. 

When she’s not booked out for Spring Racing or the Brownlow, she says one of her favourite parts of the job is the shopping—we hear you girl. “Being able to shop beauty products all the time and not feel guilty because it’s for ‘work’. And I also love that I get to travel to some amazing destinations around the world”. 

The girl knows her stuff, and we got to pick her brain about our Spring/Summer beauty cabinet needs. 

What product swaps do you think we should make in our beauty cabinets coming into the warmer months?  

Invest in skincare! My skincare routine and products don’t really change throughout the year. One thing I am always raving about to clients is the importance of serums. I have my hydrating serums for day and night, all year 'round.

We can all be lazy and forget to hydrate our skin, but I think it’s so important to know the difference between being oily and hydrated.  A lot of my clients skip that hydrating step in their skincare routine because think they have an oilier skin type, so knowing your skin is crucial. All good makeup begins with a good skincare regime and good skin preparation, but we don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to do that. 

Cass recommends: Clinique Moisture Surge Hydrator

Which products would you recommend bringing into our routines for Spring/Summer? 

Cream blushes and bronzers. I love a healthy natural glow and really incorporate it into all the faces I paint. For summer, something I recommend trying is to swap out my powder blushes and highlighters for creams instead. It really does elevate the skin to that dewy fresh look everyone wants for summer.

Cass recommends: Chantacaille Cheek Gelee Brush

Which beauty products are you loving at the moment?

Like I mentioned earlier, any cream blush or highlighter that leaves the skin looking fresh is something I’m obsessed with at the moment. I purchased the Tom Ford Eyebrow Fiber Gel when I was in NYC in February and it has changed my life. Seriously, I have since repurchased it four times.

I also can’t live without my RMS Living Luminizer—it’s perfect for a natural glow, and it's coconut based, so really easy to work into the skin. Just remember to always use your fingers to apply.

Fashion Month has hit globally. What beauty trends do you think we can expect for Spring/Summer? 

It's my favourite time of the year. Lots of focus is around skincare and glowy fresh skin. which is a real part of my personal aesthetic. I’m also loving seeing colour on the checks—in the past, it was more about contouring with bronzers. Lots of winged liners on more neutral eye bases is something I think I need to start doing more of.

What is your number one beauty tip? 

Just one? Okay, using a damp beauty blender to pat in your foundations is something I do in almost every makeup application, then going back in with fingers around the under eye area. Keep in mind, I always tend to use a luminating foundation with a dewy finish, I wouldn’t recommend using a beauty blender if you are using a matte finish foundation. 

Also never forget, less is more. You can always add more easily but to take off is a lot harder. 

Cass recommends: BeautyBlender

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Image credit: Mikhail Duran

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