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Where To Get Best Haircuts In Melbourne Under $50

By Melanie Host
18th Apr 2017


We’re fast approaching mid-April and let’s be honest, we’re all in need of a spruce-up. If you’ve got a fifty in your pocket, you’ve got no excuse, ‘cause it’s about time you got your messy mop sorted. Here’s our list of scissor-wielders that are great for your hair AND your wallet.

For The Guys

Men + Co

Melbourne CBD

Run by the best of the best when it comes to men’s hair (Toorak Road’s Meddlers), this hidden men’s barber brings way more than just tip-top salon service by US-trained stylists. We’re talking about an additional shoeshine, a drink and a barber who really listens to you (both your hair-related requests AND your incredible life story). Talk about a complete package! Cost for a cut, shine or shave varies between $20 and $55.

Unless you tell them you’ve got more time, you’ll be in and out in a jiffy because the speediest snippers will do their thing in under half an hour. Plus, you can deffo grab a finishing product to go from their range of Mr Smith’s latest.

The Bearded Man


Everyone loves a one-stop shop, and this is just the place for the three ‘B’s: barbering, beats and bevs. Treat yourself to a damn good time, kicking back with a complimentary Industry Beans coffee fix or an ice cold beer as The Bearded Man hooks you up in the hair department. To top it off, there’s a full DJ set-up with numerous visiting artists that’ll put you in the best mood on your way out. They’ve truly put the ‘bar’ in barber, and you get alllll of this for only $50.

King's Domain

Melbourne CBD

In for a full grooming refresh sesh? Enter the King’s Domain, where you’ll find nothing but excellent service and the royal treatment. And though it sounds like its quality would cost a bomb, they will surprise you with its commitment to value without putting a dint in your hip pocket. Every service includes a hair and scalp consult with product recommendations, making sure you know what’s up. A simple clip costs $20 and a tailored haircut inclusive of a wash, massage and style will cost you $50.

General Order


Many would approach General Order’s storefront thinking it was just a great spot to grab a coffee, but they experience twice the joy after peering inside and discovering the barbershop within. Owner Paolo De Marco is a 3rd generation barber who constantly fine-tunes classic barbering techniques and ensures that his customers get their $50 worth. They even throw in a beer or coffee for free, so what’s not to love?

All The Kings Men

North Melbourne

Nearly a decade in the biz and still going strong, this gentlemens’ barbershop puts the art back into male grooming. Simply rock up to their store, a stone’s throw away from the CBD, and get your crowning glory back in tip top condition for the friendly price of $35. No appointment necessary.

Dr Follicles Barber Shop


Sit back, relax and sip on a cool beer while you let the masters work their magic. A massive contender for Fitzroy’s best barber, Dr Follicles is your go-to-guy for no-nonsense bargain-priced barbering for just $35, bottle in hand.


Melbourne CBD

City dwelling Listers, these guys are scattered all over the CBD, making them an easy target for a quick fix. Get a fuss-free $15 trim or a $31 haircut, whether you’re near Melbourne Central, Hardware Lane, Flinders Lane, or Spring Street. You don’t even need to make an appointment prior to stopping by. They take Christopher Walk-ins.

Rockit Barber Shop

Melbourne CBD

New school and old school finally intertwine at the barbershop on Collins, from the traditional cutthroat shave ($45) to the latest fashion cuts ($35), shaved designs, quiffs, flattops, you name it! All it takes to secure a spot under the scissors is to scribble your name on their blackboard, just like old times. While waiting, feel free to grab a complimentary drink from the fridge and enjoy the tele.

For The Gals

The Hair Sity


Not only would you be able to get your hair cropped to perfection at $45, The Hair Sity is also very much a beauty salon that provides a full range of luxurious and affordable treatments. They promise to pay close attention to your every need and keep you coming back for more.

Honey Blonde Hair Salon

Melbourne CBD

This is where you can transform your limp locks into a celebrity’s super styled mane. Honey Blonde is a celebrity hair salon that offers $28 for a ladies cut + wash + head massage. And if you want to end it off with a professional blow dry, just add $20!

Blush Cut & Style

Diamond Creek

North-easties, at Diamond Creek’s best hair, beauty & spa salon, you can get your haircut on point for $41. Expect the most exquisite treatment using carefully curated products, and their relaxing head massages are a complimentary indulgence. Bonus points.

Dollhouse Beauty Salon

North Carlton

With over 20 years of salon experience, your best bet for quality and price is the Dollhouse Beauty Salon, where the ladies can achieve hair goals for just $28 a snip. Not only will they make your hair dreams come true, but they’ll even teach you a thing or two about keeping your mane looking salon fresh till your next visit.

KIS Hair

Melbourne CBD

Smack in the middle of the CBD’s eastern perimeter, this is your go-to salon that’s easy on the wallet but spares no expense when it comes to quality. Whether you’re in for a complete restyle or just a trim, the fab KIS Hair team are there for you. The prices are pretty fab too: a simple cut’s $25 and it’s $40 for a wash as well.

Cutting Kings Hair Salon


After a visit to Cutting Kings, your hair and your wallet will thank you and probably shout you a beer. This is the least expensive option on the list, as a ladies’ haircut is only $15-20 (depending on your hair length). You’ve also got the option of topping up $20 for a wash and blow dry. Proof it doesn’t take a million bucks to look like a million bucks.

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