Load Up For Lockdown With The Best Chocolate Delivery Options In Melbourne

By Rick Stephens
15th Jul 2020

Heart shaped chocolates in milk, white, and dark chocolate from Koko Black.

Celebrating? Chocolate. Commiserating? Chocolate. Holed up in your apartment thinking about how you’re going to push through lockdown round two? Chocolate. No matter the emotion, chocolate is the one thing we can always rely on.

There's never a bad time to place your orders from some of the best chocolate delivery services available in Melbourne.

Hey Tiger

These days, one expects a little more than an express post envelope with a receipt whacked in there when ordering something online. The product quality is, of course, important, but so is the experience, and Hey Tiger has nailed both.

They've got the classics sorted, as well as some unexpected blocks worth experimenting with—coconut and caramelised popcorn anyone?

Product aside, Hey Tiger is also on a crusade to better the cacao industry. They pay above average market price for their ingredients, while following strict environmental practices to ensure the industry can survive—and improve—long term. Find out more here.

Ministry of Chocolate

Family-run Ministry of Chocolate know their way around a block. Led by esteemed pastry chef and chocolatier Drew Maddison, the team were originally operating from various farmer's markets around Melbourne until committing to their own large scale kitchen. 

Their quiver of choccy blocks is definitely a contender for the best chocolate Melbourne has to offer, but you must without a doubt try some of their pralines—a treat often attempted, yet only sometimes mastered, which Ministry of Chocolate has done exactly.  


Koko Black

Koko Black has been in the business for almost two decades now, and it’s safe to say their craft has been perfected long ago. The usual suspects—like Cookies in Creamy, No. 36 Caramel and Single Origin Vietnam—are of course available, but it’s this year’s signature Easter range that can’t be looked past. Start with the delicate Handpicked praline for yourself, followed by the Hot Cross Bites and then, maybe, consider what your loved ones might enjoy.

Birdsnake Chocolate

Local chocolatiers, Birdsnake Chocolate, have been gaining ground since their inception back in 2018. The small, dedicated team are advocates for the bean to bar movement, which basically means they roast the cacao seeds and turn it into chocolate in-house, rather than outsourcing the process overseas. There are four main varieties, Peruvian, Madagascan, Tanzanian and Ecuadorian, and each has a distinct and nuanced flavour. For the discerning chocolate lover, a serve of their drinking chocolate should also be considered this Easter.

Melbourne Cocoa

Sometimes, you just want classic milk chocolate in the shape of a good ol’ Easter egg, and Melbourne Cocoa is more than aware of your needs and then some. Highlights include their Mint Crisp block and the award-winning, limited-release Golden Egg that comes it at 81% cocoa.

Only Mine Handmade Chocolate

Small-batch chocolatiers Only Mine hail from the stunning Dandenong Ranges, and the brand has picked up a reputation around the grounds, to the point where they often sell out. Select varieties of the Easter range are still available, and that includes the dark chocolate ‘Quail’ eggs. Get to it before that giant rabbit does.

Just Bliss

Your Easter eggs and rabbit-shaped choccies are of course covered off here, and they should be considered as the headline for your hunt around the house if you’re planning on one. But Just Bliss offers so much more, like the aptly titled Quarantini Egg made with pink gin or caramel vodka (you choose). The Barossa shiraz ganache is also a worthy contender for the table if you’re planning on a bourgie Easter.

Carpe Koko!

Feeling generous this Easter? Carpe Koko! offer a premium delivery service for premium chocolates. The good stuff is boxed up in stunning shelf system and delivered in an XL golden box to the receiver, unless you plan on sending some to yourself, which we 100% endorse—make sure you treat yours truly to the Mojito Swirl, it’s incredible.


Artisan chocolate maker Xocolatl has your Easter egg hunt covered with the classics, but thinking about your chocolate needs post-Easter is important, too. The strawberry chocolate—complete with half-strawberries fused into the block—is that good it should already be in your cart, while the sugar-free options that lean toward the savoury side provide a perfect mature snack any time of day.


South Melbourne’s destination for all things sweet, Bibelot, is now delivering the goods. Their take on Euro sweets is meticulous and original, and the Easter range is no exception. Order a set of 12 from this year’s galaxy-themed collection and see how long it takes you to devour these works of art. 

Three Chocolatiers

With what's on offer here, we've no doubt there are more than three chocolatiers slaving away in their commercial kitchen nowadays, but the sentiment and humble beginnings provide a certain charm to the choccy. 

Reasonably priced, locally sourced ingredients and more flavours than you could get through during lockdown round two, you'd be silly not to hit this link and order chocolate from Three Chocolatiers

Get every meal sent straight to your door our list of Melbourne cafes and restaurants delivering here.

Image credit: Koko Black

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