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Grab Your Magnifying Glass, A Cluedo-Style Murder Mystery Experience Is Coming To Melbourne

By Ranyhyn Laine
17th Oct 2019

Murder Mystery perth

Remember Cluedo? You may never have been able to work out whether it was Colonel Mustard in the study with the rope or not as a child, but now you’ve got a chance to ramp up your detective cred with this immersive murder mystery experience heading to Melbourne next month.

Transporting you back to 1960’s London, you’ll be hitting the streets with your team of fellow sleuths to solve the double murder of the world-famous Kray twins. Follow the clues, crack the case and discover a new calling as a homicide detective… or maybe just a newfound obsession with murder mystery novels. Bonus, you can take your dog with you—they might even help sniff out a few clues. 

CluedUpp is the international crew bringing this city-wide experience to a street near you—the games studio organises immersive events in over 25 countries around the world, so you could say they’ve got some serious skills in the mystery making department. Thanks to a dedicated app, the game is entirely self-guided, but if you see any other groups of people wandering around in 1960s gangster get up, you'll know they’re after the same clues you are. 

Tickets are pretty much guaranteed to sell out, so snap them up quick here

The Details 

When: Saturday, 23 November 2019
Where: Secret location, Melbourne
Cost: $68 for a team of 6
Find out more here

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Image credit: CluedUpp 

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