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Coffee In A Cone Launches In Melbourne Tomorrow

By James Shackell
19th May 2017


Ah, Melbourne. Will you ever sleep? You opened a three-level Japanese restaurant and launched a new Uber-only Royal Stacks burger bar…now this.

The day has finall arrived. Coffee in a cone is launching in Melbourne tomorrow, with the word on the street suggesting the smaller your drink of choice, the better. Expect a waffle cone complete with chocolate goodness that’s both droolworthy, and yes, perfect for all of your socials.

The big question—how long do I have to drink it? Now, let’s just say if you’re the kind (guilty) that leaves your long black on your desk for an hour, this one isn’t for you. You’ll want to down your brew in roughly 10 minutes before there is a melted chocolate situation. Delicious yes, but also messy AF and a nightmare on trams. 

Here's a list of all the cafes stocking the coffee cone:

  • The Bean Cartel
  • Darling Cafe 
  • Dundas and Faussett 
  • Via Boffe 
  • Quists Coffee 
  • Black Salt Cafe
  • Pinwheel and Co
  • Eeeny Meeny Cafe
  • Wheelys Melbourne 
  • Veludo Bar 
  • Little Avenue Des Italians 
  • Platform 3 cafe 
  • The Bluff 
  • The Rox Cafe 
  • Lustre Bar 
  • Off the rails St Kilda 
  • Cafe Indimand
  • Maple Tree Cafe 
  • Dagani WTC
  • Chatterbox Cafe  
  • Salt n Pepa cafe
  • Miss Peppercorn 

The Details

Where: Check out the stockists above.
When: On sale as of tomorrow.
For more info, click here.

Getting chilly? We've got the new line-up from the Queen Vic Winter Night Market. And it's a doozy. 

Image credit: Coffee in a cone

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