Where To Find The Best Coffee Near Melbourne’s Universities

By Millie Lester
27th Feb 2017

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Being a uni student shouldn’t always be a constant struggle of balancing poverty, learning to cook, never finding your stats lecture theatre and not knowing how to turn on the washing machine—which is why we’ve compiled a list of our favourite coffee hotspots in and around Melbourne’s universities.

You may still be on the brink of a nervous breakdown, but at least you’ll know where to get the good stuff.

The University Of Melbourne | Parkville

House Of Cards

If you’re a Melbourne Uni student you’ve had a House Of Cards coffee, because these kids know what’s up vis-á-vis caffeinated bevs, let me tell you. However, not only are they serving up spot-on mochas and on-the-mark cappas but with every purchase you make, you’ll be supporting one of four causes they’ll be contributing to at the time. Ain’t nothing tastier than a coffee with a conscience.

Where: On campus, Engineering Lane

Standing Room

Standing Room are the cool kids on the block. They’ve got trendy aprons, killer hair-dos, and assumedly some very niche food intolerances—but they also make excellent coffee. Living up to its name, there’s only room enough to stand and wait for your coffee, and also peruse/drool over the donut display.

Where: On campus, Ground Floor Union House


Market Lane Coffee

Aside from offering a first-class tertiary education, RMIT are deliciously close to Market Lane Coffee, an enormous perk if you’re currently weighing up tertiary institutes. These bad boys have five venues in Melbourne, which means people keep coming back for their cawfee, which also means it must be pretty damn good (spoiler alert: it is). The Therry Street store has a particularly groovy layout, including featuring a counter in the centre of the café, where you can a 360 view of your coffee being made. Other than to pass your degree and not have to move back home to run the family farm, what more could you want?

Where: Off campus, 109–111 Therry Street

Little Rogue

Little Rogue is another off-campus gem. It’s got a straight-up, no-shit focus on coffee, and a little bit of a side hobby stocking some delicious brekkie pastries—which is how you know the coffee’s good. One downside is that if you’re coming from campus, you’ll have to run the gauntlet past Melbourne Central, which at 9am can literally be hell on earth.

Where: Off campus,12 Drewery Lane

Monash University | Clayton

Church Of Secular Coffee

Run by the St Ali’s team from North Melbourne, Church of Secular is their newest venture, with a focus on affordability and good grub. The space is warm and cosy (for when you wanna throw a big f*ck you to a dirty Melbourne winter), the coffee’s top-shelf, the service is friendly, and treats are sweet. It’s safe to say there’s always more students in Church Of Secular Coffee than the Sir Louis Matheson Library…

Where: On campus, 32 Exhibition Walk

Artichoke And Whitebait

Straight off the bat, we know these kids have a way with coffee because they stock multi-award winning Sensory Lab coffee beans, which basically screams, “we can make a good coffee without burning the milk!”. They’re also great at coping with the immense demand that comes with selling caffeine at a university, so you can have your coffee and drink it too without being late for class. Unless you were already late, in which case there’s no helping.

Where: On campus, Campus Centre ground floor

Deakin University | Burwood

Mrs Robinson

Word on the street is getting a good brew at this on-campus cafe is a safe bet, and it’s also cheaper if you bring your own cup (winner). Mrs Robinson should also be at the top of your on-campus coffee-hit list if you’re not the drink-and-dash kind of coffee-fiend, because this place is decked out in some pretty groovy digs that you’ll definitely want to kick back and enjoy.

Where: On campus, Level 1 Building BC221


Another Deakin on-campus hot spot is Caffeine, mostly because it has insane homemade sausage rolls, but this is an article about coffee so don’t get your knickers in a knot just yet, you can rest assured that they also have good coffee. The café stocks reasonably priced food, including a classic chicken burg, and is known for laying down some (pretty loud) tunes during the day, so if you need to get amped, and a cup of coffee won’t do it, this combo will.

Where: On campus, Level 2 Building HB

Swinburne University | Hawthorn

Oscar Mike

This off-campus specialty coffee café boasts locally roasted brews and fresh food tailored for ‘people on the move’ (holla!). Using Five Senses coffee beans and 100% compostable takeaway cups, it’s literally a good coffee that’s doing good for our beautiful environment (y’know, the part that isn’t covered in a layer of smog).

Where: Off campus, Shop 9 672 Flenferrie Road

Crabapple Kitchen

This Glenferrie Road favourite is only a short walk from Oscar Mike (two coffees anyone??) and is bloody adorable. The interior features white picket fences, rainbow cushions, a weatherboard sundeck and a travel-inspired menu. More importantly, the coffee is made using Campos Coffee beans and if you’ve got a spare mo’ you should definitely stay for the Avocado on olive toast with Meredith Dairy feta, chilli and mint.

Where: Off campus, 659 Glenferrie Road

La Trobe University | Bundoora

Writer’s Block Café

This on-campus bad boy not only serves up specialty coffee, but it also has an in-house bakery because the owner of the café is obviously a genius. Their bean brew of choice is a crowd favourite—Sensory Lab—and they have a range of single origins, blends and specials available for the adventurous bean hunters amongst us. The best part of all is that it’s literally located inside the Borchardt Library.

Where: On campus, Ground Floor Borchardt Libary


Caffeine has made another appearance at La Trobe University. It still has a name for itself as the brewer of delicious campus coffee and this time it has Skip, which means you can order you coffee on the go and pick it on your way past (technology, hey)! There’s also a 30c discount on all coffee and tea for Student Union members. In an unrelated note, they also stock twenty different types of sushi…

Where: On campus, Shop 7 Agora Theatre

Australian Catholic University | Fitzroy

Archie’s All Day

The latest venture from the Bluebird Café team in Collingwood, Archie’s All Day is every ACU student’s caffeine oasis. These guys serve up the Proud Mary brew, along with a delish selection of breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes, that will have you finding any excuse to burn your stats lecture for some ricotta hotcakes or a wagyu burger.

Where: Off campus,189 Gertrude Street

De Clieu

Neighbouring Archie’s All Day, De Clieu is another off-campus hotspot for coffee thirsty ACU students, also stocking Five Senses brews. The café has a touch of class with its minimalist interior and touches of emerald green. The café not only serves delicious coffee, it even stocks delicious cakes from Little Bertha as well as a selection of lip-smacking brekkie dishes, plus Google Maps says it’s only a five-minute walk from uni, howbou dah?

Where: Off campus, 187 Gertrude Street

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Image credit: Archie's All Day | Butterbing Cookie Sandwiches

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