Level Up Your Picnic Game With These Premium Picnic Boxes Delivered To Your Door Or The Park

By Rick Stephens
21st Sep 2020

A picnic rug on the grass with various snacks laid, such as cheese, grapes, crisps and a bottle of wine on top.

Sun’s shining, restrictions easing. It’s time to reinstate your picnic rug and meet one friend (for now) for some park cuisine and a plastic cup full of the good stuff. You could try and curate it all yourself, or, you could enlist the help of Cookes Food and their Park Life picnic boxes.

There are three to choose from depending on your preferences. The first is the Euro Grazing Box, which includes the usual suspects like prosciutto, French brie and fruit crostini, pickled octopus, a bottle of Adelina Nebbiolo Rosato 2017 and plenty more.

Then, there’s the Park Life Grazing Box. This one’s stacked with park snacks from a variety of culinary origins, including but not limited to house-smoked ocean trout, Australian brie with seasonal grapes, Ortiz Anchovies, Sourdough demi baguettes and a bottle of Bannockburn 1314 A.D Pinot Noir.

For those getting their two hours yard time in within the first half of the day, get on that Brunch Grazing Box. A triangle of Australian brie, shaved ham, pickles and dijon, petite croissants and sparkling blood orange juice should set you and your picnic partner right for the entirety of the day ahead.

Boxes range from $120 to $180 and cater generously to three people, so you and your plus one will be spoilt for choice until those restrictions (hopefully) ease at the end of the month. If all goes to plan, we’ll be picnicking with up to five people in early October—might need to order a second box.

Check out our guide to picnics during the pandemic here.

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