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The Design Files Open House Returns for 2014

By Emma Bangay
13th Oct 2014

Hold on to your Eames people! The annual, endlessly inspiring, ever-anticipated The Design Files Open House is rolling out its well worn Armadillo & Co. welcome mat once again this December!

Launched in 2011, The Design Files Open House has come so far it now garners its very own address, with a custom built 'home' currently in the works to take this event to even greater heights and wider expanses.

Housed within the footprint of a split-level Collingwood warehouse, everything – down to the tiniest of creative details – will be hand plucked, turned over twice, ummed over, aahed upon, and placed in situ simply for the event.

Translation? All things great and small – from furniture to fork sets – The Design Files Open House 2014 is set to dazzle with its design brilliance and creative chops. Made to emulate the ultimate 'Australian Home', The Design Files Open House will be full of colour and texture from local artisans of homewares, canvas, lighting and furniture so that everything you see, sit upon, sidle up to and switch on can be purchased from underneath one another's well-shod feet.

The Design Files Open House 2014 also heralds the arrival of 30 new designers, artists and home magic makers, including recent discoveries Madeline Kidd and Fred Fowler.

Returning partners include Melbourne's own Jardan and leading Australian paint brand, Dulux, who will create the framework for this fabulous three-year old event.

Furthermore, Melbourne based brand Royal Oak Floors is coming on board – pardon the pun – to custom make the floors for the ensuing stampede, and a full scale kitchen is also in the works with Siemens, who will dot the I's and cross the T's with all utensils and appliances throughout the space.

Mother Nature is invited on board, too, with Georgina Reid of The Planthunter and local plant-loving people,  Charlie and Wona from Loose Leaf, getting their green thumbs together to create a lush indoor garden.

This year, Fiat is also coming to the party, working with a local designer to customise a stylish Fiat500 especially for The Design Files Open House.   

All too much? Rest assured, fuel will be provided by Seven Seeds and Cookes Food, for certain events within the weekend's framework.  

For more information, you can check out The Design Files Open House 2014 website to get an even better peek inside the windows of this bespoke world at work, and get a jump on the products set to take pride of place within.

The Design Files Open House 2014
Thursday Dec 4th – Sunday Dec 7th 2014
10.00am – 5.00pm daily
Collingwood, Melbourne (address TBC)

Main Image Credit: The Design Files, Eve Wilson.

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