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Make The Most Of Isolation With Melbourne’s New Doughnut Delivery Service

By Ben Tyers
14th Jul 2020

A selection of doughnuts that can be sent straight to your door from Donut Dash.

If there's one thing Melburnians need right now, it's doughnuts. And lots of them.

Thankfully, the team that brought you the delicious Goldeluck's has put their thinking caps on and made doughnuts even easier to get in lockdown.

Donut Dash is a new, online-only spot for you to get your doughnut fix.

"With everything that's going on in Melbourne at the moment, we wanted to put a priority of delivery services to help our customers get their doughnut fix in isolation." said Phil Kuoch, Doughnut Chief of Goldeluck's and Donut Dash.

"Donut Dash is a new "ghost restaurant" service we launched. It has no packaging or marketing, no fancy retail stores and delivers straight to customers without the extra costs. I got the idea after travelling to Asia where ghost restaurants are really popular so now that we're all isolating at home, I wanted to make it easy and cost-effective for people to get doughnuts delivered to straight to their doors."

All doughnuts that get sent straight to your door are handmade. There's no fancy bakery machinery at work here, just good old fashioned hard baking with a process that all kicks off around 1am every day of the week.

Donut Dash currently delivers to more than 500 suburbs around Melbourne, and the team is working hard to add more to that list along with hiring new staff to help out.

Phil says the most popular item is the American Donut Box which is stocked with apple fritters, cinnamon scrolls, and twisters—all which are generally pretty hard to find in Australia.

Order your fill of doughnuts from Donut Dash here. Prices start at $10.

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