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Cool Off, Doss Blockos Has Brewed A Hemp Ale With Snoop Dogg’s Merry Jane

By Rick Stephens
6th Feb 2020

Brew Masters Doss Blockos have created a hemp ale with Snoop Dogg’s Cannabis media platform Merry Jane.

It’s called the Mango Kush, and as you would assume, it features an aromatic blend of natural mango and ground hemp seeds to create an easy-drinking ale with a subtle tropical taste.

Ale aficionados who are reluctant to try the Mango Kush can rest easy because hemp is from the same family as hops and shares a taste not too dissimilar to what comes out of the taps at your local. 

The limited release beer comes as the wider cannabis community celebrates the ACT legalising personal use of the plant, albeit with a stringent set of rules for anyone doing so. Fortunately, the Mango Kush is exempt from those laws and available to people over the age of 18.

Following the devastating fires across Australia, parent company East 9th Brewing along with Doss Blockos and Merry Jane will be donating all proceeds from the first release to the World Wildlife Fund. All first release Mango Kush’s will be labelled “Strain #1”, so you can inhale, and then exhale, with a sigh of relief knowing your can of the good stuff is contributing to the care and rehabilitation of wildlife. 

The Doss Blockos x Merry Jane Mango Kush is available now. 

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