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Brace Yourself, That Infamously Twisted Shipping Container Experience Are Coming To Your Home

By Aren Budiprabawa
22nd Jul 2020

Escaping and immersing yourself in a whole new reality sounds like a great idea these days, and if you’re looking for one, the folks at DARKFIELD and Realscape Productions have the answer. 

You’ll know of Realscape from those twisted shipping container experiences. This year’s event is called Double and it’s inviting you to bring the nerve-wracking adventure—and tense sweats—to your home. The just launched digital experience is delivered through a 360-degree binaural sound and all you really need is a partner in crime, some headphones and a kitchen . 

Double is a two-person set-up, sitting opposite to each other. You will then tune into a 20-minute broadcast, at the exact same time as other players, across the countries. Although at home, this installation is as scary as it is in real life. 

As if it doesn’t get any darker, this series explores the Capgras delusion, a condition where one believes that their significant other has been replaced by an evil imposter. And there is only one rule to follow: everyone has to be who they say they are. Maybe it’s true, the reality is just a hallucination that we can all agree on.

Transmitting four days a week, tickets are available on their website

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