Spice Things Up At Home With This Numbingly-Hot DIY Hot Pot

By Rick Stephens
10th Sep 2020

A bowl of spicy hot pot on a wooden table.

This one’s for those who’ve exhausted all five of their preferred delivery partner’s catalogue of local eats. One of Melbourne’s favourite hot pot joints, Dragon, is now delivering DIY hot pot kits across Melbourne and deep into the suburbs.

Your first step is to decide on your broth. There are five to choose from, including the classic Ma La Tang which is cooked with 24 wild herbs, and of course a stupid-spicey number, the Sichuan Hot and Sour.

Once you’ve decided on how numbingly spicy you’d like your broth, you’ll need to select your ingredients. In true hot pot style, Dragon has included 85 options for you to have your way with. Classics like slice beef and pork are available, though hot potters are free to experiment with the likes of ox tripe and duck blood.

There’s also a healthy grip of vegan options should that be your preference. The soup, also prepared with 24 spices, is best paired with seven different types of mushroom, plenty of tofu, and more greens than you could throw in a hot pot.

Dragon Hot Pot has five locations across Melbourne, which gives them some extra muscle when it comes to delivery radius. Over 200 suburbs can’t be wrong, right?

If a DIY hotpot with up to 85 ingredients sounds too overwhelming for you and your kitchen, you can also get yours cooked and made to order

DIY or not. Get your Dragon Hot Pot here.

You’ll need a drink with that meal. Check out Melbourne’s best booze delivery.

Image credit: Dragon Hot Pot

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