Easey’s Rooftop Train Carriage Burger Bar is Open!

By Clare Acheson
1st May 2015

Do you dream of eating epic burgers and drinking local beers in a graffiti-covered train carriage that’s perched on a rooftop? I know I certainly do. Well, we’re all in luck! Grab your wallet and get yourself to Collingwood because that very specific and altogether amazing dream has finally come true—Easey’s rooftop burger bar is open for business.

Run by Jimmy Hurlston of Jimmy’s Burgers fame, the new Collingwood restaurant serves up fat feeds from dawn until dusk. The latest burger bar to hit the Melbourne diner scene, the restaurant is situated in a train carriage on top of a custom designed building that’s five storeys high. You’re regular burger joint, this ain’t.

If you’re headed in for breakfast (yup, this place opens at 7am), expect to slurp down your coffee with a side of cereal-coated fried chicken. Looking for lunch? Grab a bargain $6 burger and a bottomless soda refill. Or if you’re in for an afternoon snack, maybe pick up a pint and a sweet treat—Pop Tarts and Mountain Goat sounds like the PERFECT combination. Oh mother of all things alcoholic and sugar-coated…

The entire Easey’s building is a testament to Collingwood’s incredible creative community. Psychedelic fashion designer Nixi Killick’s pop-up graces its middle floor, selling vibrant streetwear to Melbourne’s most cutting-edge fashionistas, and Jamie Louise ‘Living Raw’ Stevenson’s Fare health food cafe is also on site to give your arteries a break from Easey’s offerings. Seats are located throughout the building as well as on its rooftop, and if you’re lucky you’ll bag a spot at one of the retro video gaming stations.

With Beach Burrito Fitzroy opening last month, the Easey Street Smoke Out launching its motorcycle BBQ restaurant, and now this, the boundaries are definitely being pushed when it comes to foodie venues in Melbourne. Whatever’s next?

Easey’s | 48 Easey Street Collingwood

Image credit: Easey's via Facebook

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