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Meet The Lamb Clan, The Baby Lambs Live Streamed From Edgar’s Mission Animal Sanctuary

By Rick Stephens
4th Sep 2020

Two lambs in a grassy paddock, looking into the camera.

Lockdown has taken many things away from us Melburnian’s, but what it has gifted us is animal live streams, and lots of ‘em. We’ve caught the sea dragons at the Melbourne Aquarium, the lions over in Werribee and even Phillip Island’s fairy penguin parade—next up, the rescued farm animals of sanctuary, Edgar’s Mission in Lancefield.

Each Saturday, Edgar’s Mission will be taking you, the viewer, on what is essentially a private virtual tour of the farm, introducing you to various members of the menagerie. 

Virtual guests this weekend will be introduced to the lamb clan. Keep your eyes out for little fluff balls such as Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, as well as the unbearably gorgeous duo, Herman and Harry.

As it stands, more than 450 animals reside on Edgar’s Mission. Some may look different from one another, but all share a story of hardship previous to their time at the Sanctuary.

For those wanting to find out more about the Great Work Edgar’s Mission does, there are plenty of in-depth profiles of the residents—like Jimmy Barnes the Goat, and Seth Tibbott the Turkey—here

In the meantime, set an alarm for 2pm on Saturday 5 September and meet the lamb clan via Facebook Live.

Got more time to fill? Check out the Phillip Island penguin parade live stream.

Image credit: Gemma Evans

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