Level Up Your Steak Game, You Can Now Get EntrecĂ´te’s Secret Sauce Delivered To Your Door

By Rick Stephens
15th Jul 2020

Entrecote's famous steak with secret green sauce served on a plate with frites.

It’s been a tough few months navigating the various pitfalls of lockdown. You can’t see your mates, you can’t go to the cinema and you can’t book a table at your favourite eatery. As some sort of silver lining, however, Entrecôte is bringing a slice of pre-COVID life into your kitchen with their butter sauce available for delivery and from select retailers. 

Those who have been to Entrecôte will have more than likely ordered one of the famed steak frites (steak and chips) covered in that buttery, herbaceous sauce that’s also known as Sauce Maison Au Beurre Et Aux Herbes. Many will know that the condiment consists of 19 ingredients, but anyone outside of the fine diner’s kitchen will likely not know what they are. 


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While the ingredients list will still be kept under lockdown to some extent, you can now add the sauce to your meals at home. It goes best with a steak, and if you truly hope to recreate the Entrecôte experience at home, you’re going to want to order in a Cape Grim pasture-fed porterhouse.

Along with the secret sauce available for you to order and use at your leisure, you can also order Entrecôte At Home, a par-cooked signature Entrecôte meal for two which includes steak, Pomme Anna potato, soft leaf salad, a baguette from Ned’s Bake along with a few other goodies to complete the dish. 

Order Entrecôte's secret sauce or find out where it's stocked here.

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Image credit: Jenna Fahey-White

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