How To Actually Nail Father’s Day This Year

By Rachel Lay
22nd Aug 2017

Best Father's Day Present Ideas, Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day gift buying is always hard. There is a seriously finite amount of Bunnings gift cards and socks you can gift, and an equally finite amount of fake appreciation your dad can share.

But rest assured, we’ve got your back this Father’s Day with some epic present ideas so you can finally say goodbye to the socks for good. 

To ensure this year's Father's Day is an actual hit, we've teamed up with Grant Burge Wines—AKA the masters of Father's Day gifting—to bring you this nifty guide, complete with a sneaky way to score dad's present for free! 

#1 Stop And Smell The Roses 

Look, as cheesy as this sounds, your parents really just want to spend some quality time with you. If you want to really tug on his heart strings, why not gift him with a card that has clues for an epic road trip you're about to take him on. Here are our picks for inspo if you're into beaches, or why not treat him to a tour de burger, or go all out and treat him to bucket list worthy vacay. If you're poor on time, pack a picnic basket full of his fave goodies, a pack of cards, and a frisbee, and make a beeline for your nearest sunshine filled park. 

#2 Get Your Masterchef On 

Dads love food, and we've got a damn easy recipe for you—did someone say win-win?! Grab a bottle of delicious red wine from the Barossa, pour it over some lamb shanks, potatoes, carrots, onions, and garlic cloves in a slow cooker, set to low heat, and let cook for 8 hours. Come dinner time you'll have deliciously slow-cooked lamb and veggies for dad. Need more recipe inspo? Here's all of our faves! You can now go ahead and add "favourite child" to your LinkedIn profile now, then. 

#3 Choose A Gift He'll Actually Like!

So you'll need some quality vino for those lamb shanks or to enjoy on the picnic, enter: Barossa Ink from Grant Burge Wines. If your dad is a wine lover, he’s going to be pretty happy when he unwraps this bad boy. The Barossa Ink range includes a Shiraz and a Cabernet Sauvignon and came out of a challenge from the Grant Burge winemaking team to create the most intense, impactful, and vibrant wines ever. As for the ink in the name? It comes from intensity of the wine—they’re seriously as dark as ink. They taste pretty darn delicious as well. Imagine a bouquet rich with blackcurrant, mint, and dark chocolate, fine tannins, with excellent persistence and intense chocolate and berry flavours and you’re on the right track. It’s another mind-blowing wine from the heart of the Barossa—one of Australia’s most premium wine regions.

Don’t believe the whole ink thing? Well, Grant Burge have even gone and commissioned Sydney-based artist Alex Lehours to create two original pieces of art…hand painted with an ink that actually has Barossa Ink Wine mixed into it. Now that’s legit. Plus, because it’s Father’s Day, they’ve even turned these seriously stunning pieces into gift cards! So, if you think your dad goes above and beyond, head over to the Grant Burge Wines Facebook page now to put them in the running for the two original sized Alex Lehours designs, and they’re even giving away 50 runner up prizes of a card and bottle of Barossa Ink. Get in quick though, the competition runs from 12.00pm AEST 18/08/17 to 11.59pm AEST 28/08/17.

That wasn't so hard was it?! And all without any cliché straight-to-the-bin presents! We knew you could do it. 

To find out more about Grant Burge Wines, click here. 

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Image credit: Images provided by Grant Burge Wines. 

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