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Fave 5 Milk Bars in Melbourne

By Hannah Valmadre
23rd Jun 2015

When we love something we really, truly LOVE something! And that’s exactly how we feel about our new relationship! Some things just go together. Like cookies and cream, Brandon and Brenda… The Urban List and MINI! 

Our two families have collaborated to bring discerning readers and drivers a new fortnightly series – MINI Fave 5s. The must-try guide to Melbourne, celebrating the launch of the new MINI 5-door hatch

So, Urban Listers, clear the diary and get excited for our Fave 5s. There’s a whole year of eating, drinking and discovering to be done… 


Very few places in life bring on as much nostalgia as the humble milk bar. Whether you’re ducking out to pick up some milk and the paper, a much-needed Gatorade on a Sunday morning, or a paper bag filled with mixed lollies, only good things can ever come from a visit to your local corner store. At The Urban List we love supporting the little guy, so we’re letting you in our Fave 5 milk bars in Melbourne. Bring us back some Fads, wouldya?

Grigons and Orr Corner Store

North Melbourne

Oh Grigons and Orr, How do we love thee? Let us count the ways. Your shelves are packed with groceries and lollies both modern and from days gone by, which makes every venture both fascinating and difficult when it comes to choosing confectionary. In winter, visitors can wrap themselves up in crochet blankets, and food is available all day, whether you’re after a decent breakfast or a baked good to go. This North Melbourne milk bar also has an impressive jaffles list and some smashing milkshakes, so if you like the simple things done really well, Grigons is where you need to be.

Tuck Shop Take Away


Hot tip: these Melbourne milk bars make some of this city’s finest milkshakes, and Tuck Shop Take Away is no exception. Here, your favourite milk bar lolly bag treats have been transferred into milkshake form, and the Redskin flavour comes out on top. Besides that, Caulfield’s home of retro goodness also sells sodas, spiders, soft serve, jaffles, and some super tasty burgers. This place is all sorts of adorable, and the fact that it’s all so scrumptious is just a brilliant bonus.

Adeney Milk Bar


Adeney Milk Bar in Kew may have just celebrated its second birthday, but it still manages to encapsulate all the things we love about old school Melbourne milk bars. Once a corner store, this suburban gem now serves the likes of toasties, salmon bagels, delish salads and Doughboys doughnuts. Retro sweets are still on the table here, because who can resist a good freckle or 12? Get down to Adeney Avenue and pick yourself up some sweet treats from this sweet-as milk bar.

Jerry’s Milk Bar


Milk bar since 1915, coffee spot since 1988, Jerry’s is one of those old timers who refuse to say die, and thank goodness for that. You can’t miss the large white sign with red lettering adorning the front of the beloved Elwood establishment, and the local crowd has been coming here for literally decades. There’s a courtyard out the back and plenty of counter space inside, making this an excellent venue all year round. Jerry’s is widely regarded as being very kid friendly, so if you need to take some tiny humans out for a treat, may we suggest this timeless treasure?

Rowena Parade Corner Store


There is so much awesome going on at Rowena Parade Corner Store all at once, it’s hard to know where to start. Not only do they have a fully functioning kitchen, but they sell groceries, their own baked items, a deli fridge full of goodies, and all the wonderful bits and bobs you’d expect to find in a milk bar. There is also a specialty focus on Greek cuisine, so if you’re craving some plaki or kaski you’ve come to the right place. They pride themselves on making the perfect BLT or, BELTAC (bacon, egg, lettuce, tomato, avocado, cheese) and really, who are we to argue? Wash that down with a Sir Lamington milkshake and you can put a big tick next to today. Nailed it!

We're thrilled to partner with MINI to bring you our Fave 5 series—our fortnightly guide to the best of the best in Melbourne. From food to fashion, Campari to Crossfit, each Fave 5 edition is researched and recommended by The Urban List, and driven by the new MINI 5-Door Hatch—putting the city at your fingertips and giving you the freedom to explore it!  

Image Credits: Rowena Parade Corner Store, Grigons and Orr, Tuck Shop Take Away, Jerry's, and Adeney Milk Bar - all Sabine Legrand for The Urban List

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