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Lights, Camera, Action, Here’s Where To Find Melbourne’s Best Film Stores

By Amber De Luca-Tao
25th Feb 2020

In 2020, you’re either shooting film, or looking at getting into it—and that’s a beautiful thing.

The good news is that whichever stage you’re at, every pocket of Melbourne is well truly stocked with top quality film supplies at a range of price points, making everything from the classic 35mm to Super 8 film, extremely accessible.

So, whether you’re an analogue addict or an aspiring one, there’s never been a better time to start. Yes, it can be a bit of a costly exercise once you’re officially hooked, but once you check out the quality of the scans awaiting you in your inbox, you’ll see just how worth it it all is.

Somewhere in Melbourne there’s a fresh roll of film and an old school camera with your name on it—read on to get acquainted with all of Melbourne’s best film stores.



Located in the Watertank Way precinct, just a four-minute walk from Southern Cross Station, you’ll find that FilmNeverDie has everything you need. Aside from being able to sort out all of your film-related needs, they also pride themselves on their co-curricular activities including regular exhibitions, book launches and their fan-fave photo walks which will now take you on a tour of the CBD as well as the Docklands.

Halide Supply


Leaving your film with these guys means leaving your rolls in good hands. You’ll find Halide Supply nestled among the good vibes on Collingwood’s Peel Street and this well-oiled machine which opened in late 2018 absolutely boasts some of the best scans going ‘round in Melbourne. If you’re in the market to get your hands on a point and shoot or SLR, they’ll be more than happy to try and sort that out… and then you can always get lunch at Lazerpig after.



Since 2013, Hillvale has developed a cult following both online and IRL. They’re located in a super low-key brick warehouse just off of Sydney Road in Brunswick and is well worth a visit. If you’re unable to make it in-store, you can make use of their various dropbox locations across Melbourne which include Chapel Street, CBD, Abbotsford and more—just check out their website for further details.



The Vanbar crew can claim 35 years of experience in the photography industry, so put it simply, they get it. They can also claim to have one of the biggest ranges of film in Melbourne. If you’re ever loitering around Fitzroy, it’s definitely worth popping in.

Walkens House of Film


Enter Walkens House of Film. Previously operating strictly online, Walkens has become a film enthusiast’s dream come true, due to their competitive pricing and extensive range. And now that dream has turned into a bricks and mortar store reality on Brunswick Street, so now you can grab fresh film supplies for yourself. We won’t blame you for being enticed by their flashy neon sign—at all.



While the majority of Melbourne’s film labs reside in the north-side or the CBD, Elliot’s is holding down the fort on Glenferrie Road. Whether you need to develop some film or grab a disposable camera, they’ll be able to help you out. You can even hit them up for high-quality prints.



Trading since 1916, you could say Michael’s has just about seen it all. Located on the corner of Elizabeth and Lonsdale Street, Michael’s not only has prime real estate, they’ve got camera and film knowledge for days. A definite go-to if you’re in the CBD vicinity.



As well as having a solid stock of film, DigiDIRECT is offering one of the best deals on Melbourne’s film market right now, with every 35mm film roll you drop off, you’ll receive one in return. Print services are also available so you can start filling up that photo album.

For more of the best Melbourne has to offer, check out our Best Of Guides section.

Image credit: Ben Tyers

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