8 Of Our Favourite Fitstagrammers

By Hilary Simmons
9th Sep 2015

Ah, Instagram. Remember when it wasn’t a thing? Us neither. And it’s hard to deny how perfect it is as a visual platform for health and fitness inspiration. Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen the evolution of the #fitspo hashtag lead to legions of toned, tanned Fitstagrammers taking over our feeds. You know the type: they post great healthy meal ideas, impossibly bendy yoga pictures and sunset-themed motivational posters.

It’s fun to follow them for the inspirational eye candy and to feed the aspirational gym-child within, but the experience is amped up a notch when they include workout suggestions, training programs and health advice. Whether or not you try the challenges or take on the recommendations, ‘looking’ feels a step closer to ‘doing’. And you’ll probably learn a thing or two that you missed back in eighth grade P.E. class because you were busy mooning over your true-love-whose-name-you-can-no-longer-remember.

Without further ado, we’d like to present our nine favourite Fitstagrammers who back up the images of white sand, azure water and green smoothies with practical workout advice and healthy living inspiration. Please note, we’ve only chosen accounts that encourage positive body image and self-worth—and yep, they all belong to women. But there may be a male version in the works!

#1 @amandabisk

Amanda is a former pole vaulter turned yoga instructor with a ridiculously flexible body and a yen for pretty smoothie bowls. She regularly posts stretching, nutrition and body toning advice.

What you’ll see: Beachside selfies, shout-outs to others fitness nuts, the occasional motivational saying and lots of fresh fruit.

What you’ll feel: Pale.

#2 @basebodybabes

These two beautiful sisters lead a fit and healthy lifestyle on the beaches of Sydney and run an online training business. Their no-nonsense training and nutrition plans are fully customisable and focus on overall wellbeing as well as looking smokin’ hot.

What you’ll see: Posts about their training packages, ‘flatlays’ of workout gear, enviably toned bodies in matching outfits and some recipe ideas.

What you’ll feel: Motivated.

#3 @littlebantamsurftrainer

Elise hails from the Victorian coast, where she runs a surf-style training program which takes an all-rounder approach to fitness. She is clearly nailing the whole health thing, and seems impossibly lovely to boot. 

What you’ll see: Beachside workout videos, motivational messages, dynamic athleticism and the ocean in all its beauty.

What you’ll feel: Uplifted

#4 @bella_be_active

Bella mixes workout selfies and fitness tips with irreproachably healthy-looking food to create one of the prettiest Instagram accounts you’ll find. Also, her abs are insane. Definitely fitspiration.

What you’ll see: Short circuit challenges, gorgeous photography, delish-looking breakfast spreads and ‘flatlays’ of workout gear.

What you’ll feel: Envious.

#5 @kayla_itsines

Kayla is a certified fitness trainer with a cult-like following and ever-expanding online empire. Her Bikini Body Guide workouts have won her glowing testimonials all over the internet.

What you’ll see: Healthy eating ideas, workout selfies, before-and-after pics of women who’ve successfully followed her program, and cute pics of her pups.

What you’ll feel: Respect.

#6 @nataliejillfit

Natalie is a licensed sports nutritionist and fitness trainer living with celiac disease. She’s a big fan of training with your own bodyweight so you don’t need any fancy equipment to try her tutorials.

What you’ll see: Three-minute workout videos, regrams of client’s transformation pics, motivational quotes and #glutenfree food porn.

What you’ll feel: Empowered.

#7 @gypsetgoddess

Caitlin is constantly jetsetting off to exotic places to do contortionist-style yoga. She hosts a TV show called Yoga Bliss and posts G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S images of herself practising Vinyasa in unbelievable locations.

What you’ll see: Epic backbends, life-affirming sunsets, arms raised sky-high in victory poses and colourful superfood bowls.

What you’ll feel: Wanderlust.

#8 @barrebody

Emma is the founder of Barre Body, a fusion of ballet, pilates and yoga that is totally en pointe (sorry). She posts joyful, elegant and ethereal images of barre-conditioned dancers.

What you’ll see: Airborne beauties, links to tutorials, behind-the-scenes photos and #cleaneating food pics.

What you’ll feel: The spontaneous urge to arabesque.

Image credit: Amanda Bisk via Instagram

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