Jollibee is Coming To Aus, But Here Are 5 Fast Food Joints We Want Instead

By Ellen Seah
3rd Dec 2015

jollibee is coming to australia

For the first time ever, fast food giant Jollibee is coming to Australia! And they ain’t just bringing burgers to the party. Known for serving ‘Americanised Filipino’ food, their menu is admirably creative and courageously diverse.    

From garlic rice and peach mango pie, to something called Jolly Spaghetti and buttered corn, Jollibee’s chameleon-like menu caters to pretty much everyone. There’s even a burger called the Cheesy Bacon Mushroom Yum. I don’t know...

Arriving in 2017, Jollibee’s first highly anticipated Australian store is expected to be a hit. However, we're not sure about the combo of fried chicken and spaghetti, so here are five other fast food chains we wish would come to Melbourne instead!

In and Out Burger  

When In and Out Burger hosted a one-day only pop up in Melbourne last November, Melburnians went beef-y mad. Lines stretched around the block and burgers sold out well before closing time. Surely home to some of the best burgers in the world, can we please, pretty please get some In and Out love in Melbourne?

Dunkin’ Donuts

Dear Dunkin’ Donuts HQ, we know Melbourne might seem overloaded with doughnut stores at the moment (Doughnut Time did just open two pop-ups this week), but we promise we can squeeze you into our humble little city. Just give us a few of those chocolate frosted babies and watch what we can do.


Decidedly different from our homely pink-and-white ice cream chain, the American Wendy’s chain is home to some of the best burgers around. Their Dave’s Hot ‘N Juicy is an impressive 1110 calories with triple cheese and triple patties. There’s like, salads available too, if you're into that kind of thing, so we definitely need a Wendy’s in Melbourne. For more salad options, of course...


I hate to say it, but Melbourne’s Mexican fast food doesn’t have much on America’s Chipotle. Boasting healthy(ish) Mexican ‘food with integrity’, these guys whip up some of the best guilt-free burritos, bowls and tacos in. the. world. C’mon Chipotle, you know you need some Melburnian love to fill that empty burrito-sized hole in ya heart!

Dairy Queen

Despite what the name implies dairy queen does not only sell ice cream, but it's their icecream we're craving. Their Blizzard ice cream treats are like sundaes on a fantastical drug high, so skipping them would be a big mistake. From Oreo to chocolate chip cookie, turtle pecan cluster (does not contain actual turtle) to Snickers, Melbourne NEEDS this chain to visit in summer. And then we shall keep them forever.  

Want more new Melbourne fast food? Read about the DoughnutTime pop up on Chapel St here!

Photo credit: Jollibee

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