Polish Those Martini Glasses, Four Pillars Is About To Drop An Olive Leaf Gin

By Rick Stephens
13th Aug 2020

A bottle of Four Pillars Olive gin set on a concrete background and surrounded by olive leaves.

And now, for some good news, Four Pillars is releasing a new, savoury gin into its core range. 

For this bottle, the team have worked with Cobram Estate to create the Olive Leaf Gin, which is crafted with several leaves from three olive varieties, pressed olive oil and a grip of Australian botanicals.

Four Pillars is no stranger to success with traditionalist and more unique gins alike—just take the Bloody Shiraz for example—so it comes as no surprise that the Olive Leaf Gin has already taken home gold 2020 World Spirits Competition. Its glory may seem sudden, though the origins of the blend date back several years, with a more recent trip to Cobram Estate putting the idea into action.

“After visiting Cobram Estate during olive harvest in 2019 we realised olive oil could be a brilliant botanical alongside olive leaf. The aroma, flavour and texture of fresh olive is stunning, and we did a year of trials before finalising the recipe for this gin,” says Four Pillars Co-founder and Distiller Cam Mackenzie.

For anyone wondering what to make with this savoury gin, one of the many martini varietals is a great place to start, or if you’re hoping to channel that European holiday you’ve no doubt missed out on this year, try the Olive Leaf Gin with a Spanish-style gin & tonic.

The Olive Leaf Gin drops late September and will be available wherever you’d usually find Four Pillars. Or, order up direct from the source once it’s released.

Pair it with some of Melbourne’s most iconic takeaway dishes available for delivery here.

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