This Café Is Giving Renters Free Smashed Avo In September

By Ben Tyers
15th Aug 2017


Ah, the Melbourne housing market. Where would we be without the numerous takes that fill the city’s newspapers and websites on the matter?

From ‘get a good job’ to buy less smashed avo, everybody has cracked in and had a crack at trying to solve the riddle behind what the hell has gone on.

But while we all sit around and throw cash at our rental overlords, one café—Lux Foundry in Brunswick—has come up with a solution, and it comes in the form of a free smashed avo with any main meal purchase.

From 4 – 8 September, Lux Foundry will sling you a delicious serving of smashed avo when you show them a copy of your rent certificate, they’re calling it the ‘Avo Assist Program’ and we’ll be there day one.

This is one good deal Boomers can’t get their hands on.

The Details

When: 4 - 8 September
Where: Lux Foundry, 21 Hope Street, Brunswick
For more details head to

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Image credit: Lux Foundry

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