7 Fun Ways To Get Fit In Melbourne

By Bianca O'Neill
14th Feb 2018


As we approach the business section of the year, the back-to-work feels can pretty heavily impact that ambitious new years resolution to get fit and healthy… for once.

Sometimes the best solution is to replace the endless treadmill boredom with something a little more interesting – and, dare we say it, fun! So here are our favourite ways to get fit in Mellbourne, without the gym-bound monotony.

Sky High Yoga

If the one thing that has been missing from your yoga class is a killer view to accompany your downward dog, then Yoga In The Sky is for you. Melbourne Star wheel is delivering yoga sessions in a private pod that takes you on two full spins and an hour of saluting to the sun – and, of course, the entire Melbourne city skyline. How could you not?


Disco lights, glow sticks and sick old-school club hits? Clubbercise is coming to Australia in 2018, and all you have to do is bring your best lycra. Pumping out the best 90s club tracks set to exercise routines makes for the easiest way to have fun getting fit this year. Stay tuned to the website for your closest class – or apply to be a teacher in Melbourne.

Nightclub Cycling

Bodhi & Ride deliver nightclub-style cycling classes that will get your blood pumping and your legs dancing (except they shouldn’t be dancing you guys, they should definitely be peddling the bike instead). It’s been described as a ‘disco cardio party’, which sounds pretty alright to us.

Nightclub Classes

F* It is designed for those people who struggle with gym motivation. The whole thing is geared towards fun and lifestyle. There are five different class types, including BOOM (Boxing), ROUNDUP (Strength), THE WALL (Interval), FULL AS F* (Conditioning), ALL SHOTS (Circuit). Most sessions last around 45 minutes, and they run morning, lunchtime and after work.

Pole Dancing Classes

If you haven’t tried one of these yet, just check out the hashtag #poledance online and tell me you don’t want a bod like these super-fit goddesses. Bringing together dance, fitness, strength training and flexibility all at once, it’s the perfect all-round exercise class – and it’s fun as well. Tick.

Team Sports

Most people think about playing a team sport, but don’t know where to start. Try heading to Social Sport for indoor soccer, basketball, footy 7s and netball teams that you can play in, without having to beg ten other people to join you. The added benefit? You’re less likely to bail on that workout sesh if it means you’ll let the whole team down.

Hip-Hop Yoga

For those who want to keep their feet firmly on the ground, but want a more energetic twist to the standard yoga session, Yoga 213 delivers higher intensity yoga practice to classic hip-hop tracks. Hit a Hip Hop 2 class for one of the best ab workouts this side of 100 situps.

And once you're done being fit, here are the best parks to eat cheese and drink wine in throughout Melbourne.

Image credit: Bodhi & Ride | Annika Kafcaloudis

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