Think You Know Melbourne? We Bet You Don’t Know These 10 Facts…

By Clare Acheson
30th Nov 2015

fun facts you didn't know about melbourne

Melbourne’s got a lot going for it—hey, it’s not the most liveable city in the world for nothing!—but sometimes we can forget why, exactly, it’s such an incredible place to live (beyond the great flat whites, of course).

While we’re usually pretty up on our Melbourne knowledge, here are 10 epic facts that’ll have you re-discovering our amazing city. Kapow!

1. We’re the world’s best banh mi Instagrammers. No, wait... it’s actually true! In July 2015, it was revealed that 9% of all pics uploaded with a bahn mi hashtag came from Melbourne. We just can’t get enough of those tasty rolls…

2. The first pizza restaurant to ever open in Australia was in Melbourne. Unsurprisingly, the hallowed eatery called Toto’s opened its venue on Lygon Street back in 1961, and has delivered over 54 years of pizza goodness to hungry Melburnians.

3. Not only did we lead the way with pizza, Melbourne was also the first city in Australia to get traffic lights (hey, you’ve gotta take the good with the bad…). The corners of Collins Street and Swanston Street were the first intersections to get some blinking law and order.

4. All of the Vegemite IN THE WORLD comes from Melbourne. Port Melbourne, to be precise, where the official Fisherman’s Bend Vegemite factory lives. Mmmmm, yeasty.

5. We’re bike crazy, especially if we’re working gals. Not only is Melbourne topping the charts for cycling commuters, a massive 41% of all women who bike to work in Australia do it in Melbourne. #Ladyboss bike gangs forever.

6. We love sports. Like, really love sports. So much so that Melbourne is the only city in the world with FIVE international sporting grounds in its CBD locale. Top marks if you can name them all. (Hint: The MCG, Docklands Stadium, Rod Laver Arena, the Hisense Arena and Olympic Park. Boom.)

7. Melbourne invented Australia’s most iconic vehicle - and no, we’re not talking about the tram. The glorious ute was invented in Melbourne by a due called James Freeland Leacock, who joined the cabin of a car to the bed of a small truck back in 1929... and thus, an icon was born.

8. When it comes to cocktail bars, we’re drinking at two of the best in the world. Melbourne venues The Black Pearl and The Everleigh were named at #10 and #25 respectively in the World’s 50 Best Bar Awards this year, making for some epically sophisticated sipping.

9. We’re geniuses when it comes to chocolate. MacRobertson’s famous confectioners and chocolatiers invented iconic candy bars like the Cherry Ripe, the Crunchy and the Freddo Frog—which we always thought was a Cadbury’s thing?!—from 1924-30, before Cadbury’s bought the company in 1967 and laid claim to its sweet-toothed dream snacks.

10. Melbourne really does love coffee. THIRTY TONNES of the stuff per day, in fact, which equates to 3 million cups. Over the past ten years, we’ve really stepped up our coffee drinking game, with a 780% rise in the amount of coffee we consume. That’s a lot of flat whites…

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Image credit: WikiHow

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