Messina’s Gelato For The New PM Is Totally Epic

By Sophie Colvin
16th Sep 2015

Malcolm Turnbull Gelato Messina

While every Australian with a fleeting interest in #AusPol has been walking around starry-eyed for the past two days, the good folk at Gelato Messina have been whipping up something better than a media frenzy. Something that we’ll all truly want to celebrate. 

Drum-roll… Hellooooo Malcolm’s Malted Milk. 

There’s no point crying over spilt milk, so everyone’s favourite dessert masters thought they’d honour (congratulate?!) Malc on his #LibSpil by creating something everyone would want to get around. 

Dishing up a hefty helping of malted white chocolate gelato with peanut, banana and choc cream cheese pie, we reckon even Tony would be keen to get his mitts on a serve of this. 

There’s no word on weather the new flavour is here to stay, (its muse is in a fickle field, after all) but fingers crossed it sticks around at least as long as Malcolm does. 

No doubt, Malcolm’s Malted Milk will be the dessert of choice for our fearless leader from now on. 

And if ice-cream isn't the PM's thing, we've put together a list of restaurants where he can celebrate his victory in style.

Image credit: Gelato Messina

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