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Meet Gonzo Vino, The Sustainable Wine Label Making Goon Bags Cool Again

By Rick Stephens
18th Sep 2020

A colourful box of cask wine on a table next to a plate of cheese and ornate wine glasses.

Gonzo Vino is on a mission to produce good wines and help the planet. Using sustainably grown vineyards in Victoria, Gonzo Vino's wines are all about chemical-free grapes and minimal intervention winemaking methods. 

Born from sommelier turned cellar-rat Marcus Radny, his brand is doubling-down with its eco-friendly commitment by using fully recyclable packaging for its wine that’s 100% vegan. Instead of bottles, you'll be seeing a large playful cask that steers away from the exclusivity of wine traditions, and instead welcomes everyone to pour a glass.

“I was a bit burnt a bit over the whole wanky, sommelier world. You know, everything has to be burgundy, everything has to be expensive. So I just kind of went ‘wouldn't it be funny to make cask wine cool again?’ Why can't you do that?” said Radney.

Along with the goon-bag aesthetic, Gonzo Vino casks are adorned with one-liners sourced from memes like  “Welcome to adulthood, I hope you like wine”, all of which is part of Radney’s ploy to challenge the wine industry's generally strict reputation and encourage people to have fun with wine again.

“The wine’s delicious and it's got a mass appeal to it for a lot of people, but I kind of want people to not take it too seriously, either.

“It's just a fun journey. I want people to have fun with me.” 

The first series comes in a 3-litre Shiraz alongside a Riesling counterpart. The traditionalist may be sceptical of the vessel, but it’s worth noting Radney’s credentials in the game, including his time as Vue de Monde’s head sommelier and several years abroad in the industry. And now, he’s using his knowledge to bring something fresh and welcoming to our glasses.

“Gonzo Vino was born out of trying to do something that was tongue-in-cheek, a bit irreverent, kind of funny, but at the same time it has this undercurrent of seriousness about it where the wine's good, the fruit's good, it’s a good vineyard and it's well-made, too.”

The collection will be available for shipping this mid-October. Pre-order yours here.

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Image credit: Pete Dillon

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