51 Halloween Costumes You’ll Be Wearing This Year

By Kim Barnard
14th Oct 2015

Halloween is a month away and, in anticipation of the inevitable last-minute dash to one of Melbourne's best costume shops, madly searching for something other than a witch or a slutty nurse, we’ve cast our minds back over the year that was and come up with 50 Halloween costumes people will be wearing this year.

  1. Any of the Kardashians – Don’t fight it. 
  2. Blake, Ryan and baby James – Get two ridiculously good-looking people with ridiculously good hair, and a ridiculously good-looking baby and you’re set.
  3. Ron & Tammy Swanson – It’s the end of an era and it would be remiss of us not to celebrate the GREATEST COUPLE OF ALL TIME. There, we said it.
  4. Don Draper – Predicting there will be lots of Dons this year, and if nothing else, it just makes drinking in the morning totally acceptable.
  5. Cookie from Empire – Cause when else can you drag out the old mink and just start taking bitches down?
  6. Charlize Theron in Mad Max – Yes, we’re sure the character has a name, but we don’t remember it. Get a crew cut and be done with it.
  7. One of the dinosaurs from Jurassic World – We’ll chase Chris Pratt any day.
  8. Donald Trump – Head to the salon for their best deep orange hue and a slick comb-over.
  9. Tony Abbott – Another popular pick, we reckon. Cue Australia selling out of budgie smugglers on October 30.
  10. Homeless Tony Abbott – A much better version of #9. Come on, put some effort in, people.
  11. Malcolm Turnbull – Get some wads of cash and a glorious silverfox-esque wig and start perfecting your smug swagger.
  12. Sadness, from Inside Out – Whack on some blue body paint and keep that frown upside down.
  13. Sam & Parmigiana  – Grab the nearest goofy-grinned male to accompany you while you dress yourself up like the most delicious of all the pub grubs. 
  14. Sam Frost – Frosty’s got the heart of the nation at the moment, so whack on a red sparkly number and grab 12 brawny blokes, and we guarantee you’ll be up for best on ground.
  15. Kermit & Miss Piggy – They’re no longer together, but their love lives on. 
  16. Ben Affleck’s nanny – Nope. Love is dead.
  17. George & Amal – Invest in some dad jeans and palazzo pants and you’ve basically nailed it. 
  18. Hillary Clinton – Get those shoulder pads out of mothballs.
  19. Blake Garvey– But only if you want to be egged.
  20. Someone from Game of Thrones – Is anyone even still alive? Whatever, whack a dragon on your shoulder, braid your hair and be done with it. (I don’t watch this show).
  21. A jar of Nutella – Carry around a bag of plastic spoons and pass them to people without speaking. The ultimate pick-up line.
  22. Taylor Swift – Bonus points if you can recreate her #squad. Or all of her ex boyfriends. 
  23. The Pope – So hot right now.
  24. Kate & Wills – Plus bonus points for the mini Prince and Princess. 
  25. Amy Schumer in her sexy Star Wars getup for GQ – Cue much inappropriate light saber use.
  26. OITNB – Because everyone* looks good in orange. (And if you don’t know what that acronym stands for, put down that book and go spend some quality time with Netflix).
  27. Magic Mike – But only if you’re Channing Tatum, for reals.
  28. Christian Grey – After he lost his fortune and moved into a caravan.
  29. Netflix watcher – Your normal attire + wine + [insert embarrassing snack here].
  30. Gwyneth & Chris - G walks around with a jar of Soy Mayo, C looks scruffy. They avoid each other all night but make it obvious.
  31. Lucille Ball – It’s been announced that Cate Blanchett is playing her, and if that’s not enough of a reason to don a red wig and a hoop skirt, I don’t know what is.
  32. McDreamy – Let’s pay our respects.
  33. (Better Call) Saul – Comb-over, cinnabon, and VHS. Air of lost dreams and regret.
  34. Claire Underwood – Get working on that cool, calm and collected thing (oh, and start shredding).
  35. Kimmy Schmidt – Pink pants, for the win.
  36. Turtle – The only good thing about the Entourage movie.
  37. Someone from True Detective Season 2 – if you managed to stay awake while watching it.
  38. Miley Cyrus – free the nipple.
  39. Pregnant Jen Aniston – Because it’s never going to happen any other way.
  40. Emma Watson – Or just go as Hermione, whatever.
  41. Michelle Obama – Bare those biceps.
  42. Cher Horowitz – Clueless is 20 years old and we still don’t have those virtual closets? 
  43. A cruffin/cronut/donut – Or just eat some and spend Halloween on the couch.
  44. Female Ghostbusters – “When someone asks you if you’re a god, you say yes!”
  45. To Kill A Mockingbird – Celebrate Atticus Finch before he was ruined forever.
  46. Apple Watch – So you can look like as much of a wanker as the people who are wearing them un-ironically (everyone).
  47. Original Annie – because the new one was blasphemous.
  48. An emoji – Choose wisely. [:simple_smile:]
  49. Olaf – We just can’t let it go… (sorry).
  50. YoGo Gorilla. Like he won’t be the life of the party.
  51. A Myki ticket inspector. Prepare to be kicked in the balls by everyone at the party...

* No one.

What have we missed? Hit us up! And check out our list of Melbourne's best costume shops and the top Halloween parties in Melbourne!

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