Handsome Santa Is Everything Melbourne Needs Right Now

By Ellen Seah
20th Dec 2015


Generally, most people aren’t very interested in Santa once they hit puberty. Not only is the idea of one man visiting every house (cough BREAKING AND ENTERING) in the world inappropriately irrational, the tradition of leaving lukewarm milk and fly-trodden cookies as a reward for a man who is essentially dressed in fluff and stuffed down a chimney is just a wee bit distressing.

And once you become acutely aware of how NOT OKAY THAT IS, the magic of Christmas sort of slides away into a doomed pit of dark and gloomy adulthood. (That doesn’t mean we stop taking presents from mum and dad though.)

Well my cynical and sceptical friends, Christmas has come a little early this year in the form of one very handsome (too hot to trot with his reindeers) Canadian. Mr Paul Mason, a former model, has been DASHING around Toronto like Rudolf on too many candy canes. And right now, we're wondering why this hipster specimen isn't in Melbourne.

With no bowl full of jelly in sight, ladies have been lining up to snap a selfie with this hunky Claus (undoubtedly making Mrs Claus see green) for a small fee, with money going to charity. So just think, guys, with your northside beard and some swanky threads, you could totally be picking up right now in the name of Christmas. 

Check out the hastag here... Merry Christmas Melbourne - and happy Hot Santa dreams to you!  

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Image credit: Fashion Santa @YorkdaleStyle

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