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A Harry Potter Film Festival Is Coming To Melbourne

By Amber De Luca-Tao
20th Jun 2017


Can you believe it’s actually been 20 years since the boy who lived in the cupboard under the stairs found his way into our hearts? (It’s also been 20 years since we started wondering where our Hogwarts letters are, but that’s another story...)

20th birthdays aren’t usually a big deal, but for providing us with a double decade’s worth of the most enchanting spells and epic feasts, it would be completely riddikulus not to honour this historic milestone. Enter The Astor Theatre.

Thanks to the wizards down at Melbourne's favourite vintage theatre, Melbourne's getting a non-stop, full-on Harry Potter Film Festival. Bet ya did expecto that, did ya!?

The festival will be screening all eight of the epic movies, from where it all started with the Philosopher’s Stone right through to the two-part instalment of the Deathly Hallows. That's about 20 hours of Potter, just FYI. So yep, you’ll be able to catch all of your fave HP moments. Draco’s awks AF hug with Voldemort, when Mrs. Weasley called Bellaxtrix a b*tch right before killing her… oh and when Lockhart loses his memory/mind in the Chamber of Secrets (lol never gets old).

There hasn't been a date locked in yet for the fest, but we'll keep you posted with the details. You can also keep an eye on The Astor's events calendar here

The Details

Where: The Astor Theatre
When: Date TBC
For more info, click here.

We don't know when Harry Potter will drop, but we do know when Bacon Appreciation Day is happening: this Sunday at Welcome to Thornbury.

Image credit: Warner Bros

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