This Melbourne Council Is Introducing Four Bins To Help Recycling Efforts

By Ben Tyers
8th Jan 2020

Recycling around Melbourne has been found to be pretty ordinary since recycling exports to China stopped, and a major Victorian recycling company shut down in 2019.

Some Melbourne councils have lead the charge to change the way we distribute our waste, with Hobsons Bay City Council the latest to do so.

‘Recycling 2.0’ kicks off in January in the area and will provide households with four bins to sort their rubbish into:

  • General Waste (Dark Green) | Plastics (codes 3 – 7), nappies, polystyrene, all lids
  • Food & Garden Waste (Light Green) | Fruit, vegetables, meat, seafood, bones, dairy, weeds, grass, branches
  • Glass Recycling (Purple) | Glass jars, and glass bottles without lids
  • Recycling (Yellow) | Plastics (code 1 & 2), paper, aluminium, unwaxed cardboard, newspapers, magazines

The general waste bin lid will change to red in future to avoid confusions with two green bins.

Glass bins will be picked up every four weeks, food and organic waste weekly, recycling fortnightly, and general waste will switch to fortnightly.

Yarra Council is currently discussing a similar initiative, with other councils to follow.

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Image credit: Pawel Czerwinski

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