Horoscopes | Your Co(s)mic Week Ahead

By Ben Tyers
5th Sep 2017

Winter has finally gone, Spring is here, and you can expect sunshine and beautiful days over the coming week......actually, this is Melbourne, there is only dark clouds and rain on the way.

Nevertheless, the stars have your destiny covered no matter the weather, so strap yourself in let the stars guide your way.


It's definitely time to start splashing some cash and upgrade your pad, the latest artwork that caught your eye on Instagram might be just what you need.

Speaking of homewares, Scout House is definitely worth a visit.


You might be in the market for a new mate this week, we could all use a new friend. It also looks as though you might be moving. That might be news to you, but trust us, we're professionals.

Have you checked out Melbourne's new Japanese pizza joint? Wild.


Money, money, money. That's what the stars have in store for you this week. We're not saying start spending right now, but by the end of the week, your bank account should at least be in the positive.

While you're waiting for the cash to roll in here are Melbourne's best cheap eats.


This week Mars is tearing into your zone and will pump some energy through your body. Now's the time to concentrate on building yourself up, so dig right in.

While you're working on yourself, you may as well reward yourself. Here are Melbourne's best carbonara dishes.


Libra crew should be feeling a little less stressed this week as the planets move around into a better position for you. Your creativity will be at an all time high, so paint something, make something, or even brew something. The world is yours.

Planning your big day? Here's our millennial guide to planning your wedding.


It's definitely the week for you to open your arms to all-comers. You'll find it easier to bond with others, who knows, it might just open up a few doors for you.

The Whisky Den is just the place to take someone new.


Now's the time for you to book that trip you've been thinking about for so long. Set sail for a place that's definitely going to be warmer than Melbourne who knows what will happen.

Perhaps India is calling? Bhang seems like a restaurant you should visit.


Everything this week is aligning towards helping you kick off that idea and working with your kindred spirit. Team up with an equal who complements your talents and you two could be making waves in no time.

Smithward is the ideal place to throw ideas around while you chow down on their Rac 'n Mac.


Mars is rolling all up into your grill this week, and you'll be looking to connect with others on a deeper level. You'll also be feeling creative, so break off the shackles and take on that creative project you've been putting to the side for so long.

After all that thinking you're going to need a place to relax, ODOS is exactly the place you need.


This week means it's time to start going nuts and expressing yourself. Make a big song and dance about what you're doing—professionally or personally—and good things should come your way.

You're going to need a place to blow off some steam, Juliet is just the place for you.


It's time to get your s##t together. Turn your overflowing inbox into your friend, why not sort by unread? When we discovered that, it changed our lives.

On the email front, here are 17 passive aggressive email responses and what they really mean.


The weather outside might be cold, but you'll be hot, hot, hot. It's the time to jump back on Tinder and go for that 'Super Like', everything will fall into place.

You're going to be needing wine for those dates, here are the best cheap wines that are actually quality.

Image credit: Gabrielle Stjernqvist

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