Everywhere To Do Hot Yoga In Melbourne Before Winter Ends

By Millie Lester
14th Aug 2017


Nothing says it’s time for 37-degree surprisingly difficult flexible body moves in a state-of-the-art warehouse studio like a twelve-degree partly-sunny day with a 60% chance of hail. This is why we’ve put together a list of all the places you can do hot yoga in Melbourne.


Yoga Corner


Boasting a tidy little CBD location, Yoga Corner is, in fact, the CBD’s first boutique hot yoga studio. It offers classes for beginners, all the way through to downward dawgs, and has a range of classes available including Hot Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga. Check out their website to find out what these class names actually mean and to access their timetable and price list.



Just a few streets away is MOVE Yoga, which offers two weeks of unlimited yoga for $35, or alternatively three months for $379. This studio is about as crisp as its website and prides itself on being an [aesthetically stunning] space for like-minded people who have a passion for yoga, healthy living and a balanced lifestyle. So basically people haven’t tried the Big McChicken yet. Their classes include Hot Flow and Hot Flow Express, as well as a range of other not-hot flow classes.

Bikram Yoga

South Melbourne

First-time students can get their greasy mitts on a $49 intro month of unlimited yoga classes at Bikram Yoga in South Yarra, although you’ll probably want to hear the next bit before you hot-foot it the signup page. Their classes include 26 postures and two breathing exercises practised at your own unique skill level for ninety minutes, IN A FORTY DEGREE ROOM. Enjoy.


Power Living


Considered the ‘soul’ of yoga in Melbourne, this tranquil Fitzroy studio features gorge high ceilings and an expansive well-lit space for all practised and phresh yogis. Book yourself in for a powerful Heated Vinyasa Yoga Class and then refresh yourself in their well-equipped change rooms. You can even treat yourself to some independent brand jewellery located in their in-house retail boutique (because this is Melbourne, bot Shepparton).

Bikram Hot Yoga Fitzroy


With a pretty tantalising intro offer of unlimited 30-day yoga for a sweet, sweet $35, it’s pretty hard to go past Bikram Yoga Fitzroy. This little studio is independently owned and also teaches 26 therapeutic postures and two breathing exercising in a ninety minutes yoga classes, HEATED TO 40 DEGREES. It also does it 32 TIMES A WEEK.


Bikram Hot Yoga Richmond


Bikram Hot Yoga Richmond’s hawt yoga classes can result in the healing and repair of injuries and illnesses, as well as weight loss and peace of mind, which for $49 a month sounds like a pretty rad deal. Now in its thirteenth year, this Richmond studio is an Australian independently owned business with experienced professionals who are passionate yogis both behind and in front of closed doors.


One Hot Yoga

South Yarra

As the name suggests, this yoga studio does, in fact, feature hot yoga and has the temperature options of 21, 27 and 37 degrees celsius. You can then also choose your discipline. One Hot Yoga focuses on a single though: living well, and translates this into its comprehensive and relaxing yoga classes, so when your mum rings you and asks you if you’re well, you can say, “yes, for ninety minutes every week day”.

Grass Roots Yoga

St Kilda

Grass Roots Yoga offers a $50 introductory month of unlimited yoga as well as a range of classes heated at 37, 34, 32, 28 and 22 degrees celsius for everyone whose energy bills are through the roof this winter. These guys specialise in yoga for people of all ages, levels and mindsets (looking at your scoffing the Oreos in bed).

Yoga Tree


With a $25 two-week introductory unlimited yoga offer, Yoga Tree is one of our South-side faves. Like most of the studios on this list, they offer the HELLISH 40 degree Bikram yoga classes that will almost definitely maybe heal your physical and psychological ailments and all in the comfort of their state-of-the-art studio.


Hot Bikram Yoga Ascot Vale

Ascot Vale

This one goes out to all the Bikram-obsessed yogis out there who like to bend it like Beckham in 40-degree temperatures. Hot Bikram Yoga Ascot Vale not only has an absurdly long name, but it also has a $39 introductory offer including thirty days of unlimited yoga for students, can I get a hell-yeah! Aside from the traditional Bikram Hot Yoga, they also offer Express Bikram Yoga for those of us who are cold and stiff but in a hurry.

Yoga Flame

Moonee Ponds, Windsor

With two locations in Moonee Ponds and Windsor, Yoga Flame is Melbourne’s resident yogi get-around. This studio not only has a deep connection with traditional yoga practices (set in a modern day setting) but it also offers a winter retreat to Byron Bay between July 15 and 21, which promises to be A LOT warmer than Melbourne. So if you’ve been looking for a reason to roll out your $8 Kmart yoga mat-this is it.

If you're not super in hot yoga, you'll find every other yoga studio worth going to right here.

Image credit: One Hot Yoga | Michelle Jarni

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