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How To Create The BEST Cheese Board Ever!

By Iro Kotsimbos
4th Dec 2014

how to make a cheese board, how to make a platter, best cheese platters, cheese platters 101
how to make a cheese board, how to make a platter, best cheese platters, cheese platters 101

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, we are completely, utterly and overwhelming obsessed with cheese here at The Urban List – whether it’s soft, hard, creamy, nutty, fruity, fragrant or something else altogether, there’s no cheese that we won’t eat. And certainly no time of day that we won’t eat it!

While cheese is the perfect addition to brekkie, lunch or dinner (heck you’ll never hear us say no), there’s nothing we love more than a good ol’ cheese board. Ohhh how we love a cheese board! Pair it with some good wine, good friends and good tunes, and you’re bound to have nothing but good times.

Now perhaps this is the cheese obsessive in us, but creating the ultimate cheese board is a task not to be taken lightly! With party and picnic season upon us, we think there’d be nothing worse than serving up a sub-par cheese board…ohh the shame! 

So how to create a cheese board that’s bound to impress? Start by choosing some ah-mazing award-winning local cheeses, of course! We’ve put together a collection of Champions from the recent Australian Grand Dairy Awards plus we’ve scored some tips from The Dairy Kitchen on how to create the best cheese board ever!

Need to know more? Keep reading Listers – the ultimate cheese board awaits!



The first cheese to feature on the ultimate cheese board is something sharp and for this, you can’t go past a good ol’ cheddar! Try the Alexandrina Vintage Cheddar, which was recently awarded the Champion Cheddar Style Cheese at the Australian Grand Dairy Awards thanks to its sharp flavour and crumbly texture. This prize-winning cheddar pairs perfectly with rye bread and relish – nom!


Next port of call is a fresh, light cheese – and if you haven’t tried it before Barambah Organics Labna with Fennel and Sea Salt will soon be your new fave. Sooo creamy and light, with the occasional zing of fennel seed, it’s perfect smeared on fresh baby radishes or wedges of summer nectarine! 


Fancy yourself a bit of a cheese buff? Be bold and try the Boosey Creek Warby Red, crowned the Champion Washed Rind,  for something a little different. Warby Red, from local Victorian cheesemaker Boosey Creek, is the new go-to for something oozy which packs some serious flavour! Try marrying it with quince paste or some fresh juicy figs. Goes swell with some champers too!


…and by quirky, we mean smelly. Yep, good ol’ smelly blue cheese is the quirky guest that you can’t be without at your cheese board party. Masters in all things cheese, King Island Dairy is who the Australian Grand Dairy Awards judges give both thumbs up to for blue cheese – specifically, their Discovery Ash Blue variety. Creamy yet tangy, blue cheese is the perfect match for a devilish glass of dessert wine.


Haven’t tried a raclette cheese? Well best you familiarise yourself with this nutty cheese because it’s the final piece of the ultimate cheese board puzzle. Awarded the top gong at the Australian Grand Dairy Awards, the Heidi Farm Raclette is the cheese we’ll be reaching for – its sweet and nutty flavour is pure heaven and is best served simply with crackers and muscatels. If you (by some miracle) have leftovers, this cheese is made for melting and makes a top notch cheeseburger or croque monsieur (droooool!). Just a warning… this cheese is seriously addictive! 


Not sure what other foodie faves to include on your cracker of a cheese board? Here’s what those in the know at The Dairy Kitchen suggest….

- Lavosh or water crackers
- Nuts (pistachios and walnuts are our faves!)
- Quince paste or honey (works wonders with blue cheese)
- Summery fresh figs and cherries 
- Chargrilled nectarines

Oh and The Dairy Kitchen’s cardinal rule for serving cheese? Make sure it’s at room temperature for maximum flavour and oozey goodness!

There you have it, Listers! That’s how you create the ultimate cheese board – destined to make you the Big Cheese among friends and this party season!


Image Credit: Design Mom

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