How To Make 2016 Your Most Relaxed Year Ever

By Clare Acheson
13th Jan 2016


If you’re anything like me, you’ve hit the ground running in 2016 and are already feeling like the Christmas holidays are an all too distant memory. In an effort to reclaim that festive holiday glow and stay as stress-free as possible, here are 5 ways to relax in Melbourne - from the quick-fix to the deep release.

#1: Check In For An Express Massage

If you’re on the go and need a quick fix, express massages are your new bff. These totally underrated sessions can be as short as 15 minutes, and are often designed to target key problem areas such as your neck, back or shoulders - depending on where the tension is building up.

Our favourite go-to for express massages in Melbourne is Vigorous Thai, who have four locations throughout the city and open until 10pm every day except Sundays. Ditch that post-work glass of wine and go the healthy route with a massage to unwind instead.

#2: Detox and De-stress at D-Tox Box

Stress is caused by all kinds of things - and everything from a lack of sleep to a build-up of toxins in your body can lead to you feeling wound-up and exhausted. One of our favourite ways to unwind tight muscles and sweat out toxins is by jumping into Richmond’s D-Tox Box.

Situated inside KX Cycle’s swish studio, D-Tox Box is a steam-free sauna that allows you to unwind with the help of infra-red head. The specially designed system generates heat that penetrates beneath the skin, so instead of causing you to sweat on the surface whilst still feeling tense beneath, your muscles are heated from within helping to get rid of toxins. A fantastic way to give your body a relaxing pick-me-up.

#3: Lock In An Hour A Week To Zone Out

Like keeping fit, or improving your cooking skills, one of the easiest ways to relax is to actually devote time to it. Practicing relaxation techniques such as breathing cycles and mindfulness is a fantastic way to give yourself the skills you need to stay stress-free.

One of our top wellness and relaxation centres is Gravity Floatation Centre, who have locations in Armadale and Northcote, where you can book in for an hour’s time-out in a float tank. Lying in a dark tank of super-saturated Epsom saltwater is not only great for unwinding your mind, but the heat and salts also nourish the skin and ease muscle and joint tension. Our go-to for a one-stop mind and body treatment.

#4: Get Outside & Get Active

Vitamin D is pretty essential to any happy, healthy body, however stress is one of the biggest factors that stops your body from absorbing the sun-sourced vitamin. Kill two birds with one stone and de-stress with some light exercise – a walk in a park while listening to a podcast, a cycle along one of the city’s most beautiful tracks – to unwind and give your body the vitamin boost it needs.

#5: Let Loose By Hanging Upside Down

While yoga has been used for decades as a handy de-stressing tip, the latest relaxation yoga sessions are encouraging you to let it all hang out – literally! – in a session of antigravity yoga that focuses on slow, strong movements, meditative techniques and poses that open up the spine and hips, releasing tension wherever it can be found. Rather than being suspended in an anti-gravity chamber NASA style, antigravity yoga studios are kitted out with harnesses that allow you to suspend yourself in a soft fabric sling. You’re then free to let loose for an hour of powerful breathing and stretching.

Keen to try it out? Our favourite relaxation aerial yoga studio is Studio 3, located in Moonee Ponds, where you can book in for a session of antigravity restoration yoga, which focuses on deep stress release. You’re welcome.

Need more yoga in your life? Of course you do. Hit up our directory and search 'yoga' for our favourite hotspots. 

Image credit: TUL Brisbane

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